The Sims 4: Toddlers Have Arrived!

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Credit: The Sims When the Sims 4 originally came out, it was missing several things many sim players loved in the previous games. Like the swimming pool which we got a few months after the release in a free update. And the toddler life-stage. Now two years after the initial release we finally got them! And I am in love with this free update.

First Impression

I decided to give my first impressions on our YouTube channel where I went through CAS, build, and buy items. So check that out as things featured there are not going to be mentioned in this post as that would be repeative. There are seven different traits that you can have for your toddler, a good variety of hairstyles and clothes, as well as furniture and toys for the little additions to your household, and interactions where you can teach your little sim to complete various skills. Each level of skills unlock new abilities for your sim.

Toddler Skills

Credit: The Sims


  • Level 1: Begin to develop the skill. As they level they will gradually stumble less and gain more abilities.
  • Level 2: Toddlers can now climb stairs and play wrestle with adults.
  • Level 3: The kid will start to walk faster and may now dance to music.
  • Level 4: At this phase, the toddler can now run and may build towers out of blocks.
  • Level 5: They become much better at climbing stairs.


  • Level 1: As the Toddler levels Communication, they will gain more advanced socials and gradually break out of the baby babble
  • Level 2: Toddlers learn to hug and hit. They can also learn animals from flash cards with adults.
  • Level 3: Toddlers can now talk. They can talk about toys, trucks, yell at, or say nonsense. They can ask for dessert as well. They can learn other socials by increasing other Toddler Skills.
  • Level 4: Toddlers can talk about parties, favorite animals, and tell knock knock jokes! They can begin to learn objects from flash cards.
  • Level 5: Fully developed verbal skills at this level. They can now tell story, tell goofy story, and talk about dinosaurs.


  • Level 1: As the kid learns to use the potty, they won’t need to use the diaper nearly as much which is a save for the parent. When on free will mode, an untrained child will not use the potty chair, but levels in this skill make them gradually prefer that over the diaper.
  • Level 2: At this level, the Toddler can use the potty chair without an adult standing over them.
  • Level 3: Mastered potty training. At this point, they will autonomously always prefer the potty chair to the diaper.


  • Level 1: As toddlers learn thinking, they will throw fewer tantrums and be more capable of autonomously taking care of themselves. It kind of improves their AI on free will mode.
  • Level 2: Can now study shapes on the nesting blocks and will defy parents less often.
  • Level 3: The Toddler can now learn numbers from flash cards with adults and will sleep better through the night.
  • Level 4: Can now ‘Ask Why’ to other Sims. They’ll also stop splashing in the toilet so much.. thankfully.
  • Level 5: Fully developed thinking skill. They will sleep through the night and not defy their parents in childish tantrums. They can now learn letters from flash cards and practice spelling with the nesting blocks.


  • Level 1: Imagination teaches Toddlers to read and create fantastical worlds with their toys.
  • Level 2: At this level, they can at least look at pictures in toddler books and play with others at the dollhouse.
  • Level 3: This skill level allows Toddlers to name their toys, dolls, and stuffed animals.
  • Level 4: The Toddler can now read toddler books.
  • Level 5: With a fully developed imagination, the kid can view art.

Credit: The Sims

What do you think of Toddlers in the Sims 4?

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