The Sims: Challenges That I Enjoy Playing In Game

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Playing the Sims regularly is all fine and dandy, but there’s something rewarding and very challenging about taken on specific challenges in the game. And one thing I find so challenging is putting away cheats. I have played Sims for years using cheats to gain money or fulfill needs so I didn’t need to worry about them, but challenges require that you don’t use any. These are some of my favorite challenges to play, but let me know what some of yours are as I would love to learn or play some new ones. Currently on our YouTube channel I’m attempting the 100 Baby challenge. Which is frustrating but addicting.

This is where I get my rules for all challenges:

100 Baby Challenge

This is a challenge I’m currently doing and I love it. You start out as a human Matriah and cannot have any other individuals in your household. Then you just go through new males to get more children. You can only be impregnated by each male one time, twins and triplets are encouraged. You can also not be engaged or married, but can hold boyfriends. Once you have a child, they must stay a baby until their birthday. As a child or teenager, they can only age up on their birthday or when they receive an A in school. However, children do not count towards your 100 baby count until they reach Young Adult. When you reach the actual 100th baby, the moment they are born the challenge ends. You cannot cheat needs, money, or fertility/household size. Matriah also cannot hold a job so they need to make money through painting, writing, or skills. When your Matriah becomes an elder they can become married and have to move out. At that point the youngest daughter becomes the next Matriah.

Collector Challenge

Your only goal in this challenge is to collect everything: metals, crystals, frogs, postcards, elements, and scientific images. Your character cannot hold a job, but are allowed to be married or have children that can hold a job so you can earn money. Like most challenges, no cheats are allowed. I didn’t see a challenge actually typed up for it, just seen others play something similar to this.

Run Away Teen Challenge

Create your teenager and a parent that will be killed off right away. The teenager’s home lot must be an empty lot and you cannot build a house until you can afford to build one with a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. The “runaway” teen cannot have a job or go to high school, just like real runaway teens would not be going to school. I recommend living at the park instead of on the home lot because you get a bathroom, there are sims normally cooking meals there, fishing gets you money, and there are plenty of things to collect for selling. This will help you survive. Plus you have benches to nap on. They are also not allowed to use their cell phone during the challenge or interact with an adult until they are a young adult. Thus you also not allowed to visit homes of other sims or you will be “reported.” Also any time you travel in the world, you have to subtract $10 simoleans from your funds using money cheat. This is the only cheat you are allowed to do.

Asylum Challenge

Create a completely full household that has a variety of traits but everyone has the insane trait. No one can have the self-assured trait. You are only allowed to play as one of the characters in the asylum. The challenge ends when you complete your aspiration thus proving they have gained control of their life and can leave the asylum. Though there are eight individuals living in the asylum, there are only 5 bed spots, 6 seats where only 1 is nappable, 1 bathroom with sink/tub/toilet, 1 cheapest stove, no smoke alarm, 5 skill building objects, and either 1 TV or 1 computer. Your sim cannot hold a job, but two of the other members may hold jobs to earn money. Thus allowing you to control them once to get a job, otherwise you are stuck with the main player. You also cannot leave the home lot with your playable sim.

Breed the Ugly Out (Legacy) Challenge

You just start out with a super ugly sim (you decide what that means), and by the end of the challenge is when you have bred out all of the ugly. So have the most attractive sim possible, again you decide what that means. You can also do this the other way around.

Four Immortal Sisters

Based off the four elements: water, air, earth, and fire. Each sister embodies one of these elements and they want to improve their town by bearing children and populating the town with them. While drinking cowplant milk to prolong their everlasting youth. Two sisters are allowed to hold day jobs.

Each sister has specific traits:

  • Fire – Romantic, Hates Children, Outgoing and their aspiration is to either be Friend of the World or Serial Romantic.
  • Water – Perfectionist, Neat, Family-Orientated and their aspiration is to be a Master Chef.
  • Air – Genius, Bookworm, Loves Outdoors and their aspiration is to be a Nerd Brain
  • Earth – Active, Self-Assured, Loves Outdoors and their aspiration must be either Bodybuilder or Angling Ace or Freelance Botanist.

You can cheat to build your ideal house based around the sisters but you must end with $1000 simoleans. You cannot have any luxuries other than the ones listed below for each sister. And all sisters must have separate quarters or take care the others responsibilities, but they can visit each other.

  • Fire – Double bed, fireplace, bar, and bathroom
  • Water – Kitchen, bathroom, bed, kids’ room and children’s toys.
  • Air – Study with computer and bookshelves, bedroom, bathroom, and kid’s learning objects.
  • Earth – Bed, exercise equipment, gardening objects and bathroom.

Roles for each sister and what they are allowed to do:

  • Fire – She is the only sister allowed to leave the house because her job is to seduce men so she can become pregnant. She cannot become married and men cannot move in that she seduces. She may bring home one man or woman home each night and can try for baby once every 24 hours. Regular woohoo can occur whenever as that will not result in babies. She also must make friends to lure into the cowplant’s trap thus granting the sisters with immortality. Skills she can learn: charisma, comedy, mischief, and mixology.
  • Water – She is the caretaker of the children and house. She’s in charge of all cooking, cleaning, and repair duties. Skills are those involved in the caretaking of everything.
  • Air – She is the keeper of knowledge. Once children are old enough to learn, she is responsible for teaching them. As the children get older, she tutors and helps with homework. She is allowed to learn writing, logic, instrument skills, painting, and rocket science.
  • Earth – She is the gardener and fitness master. She is responsible for growing food and fishing to sell and eat. She also must teach kids athletics. She is allowed to leave the lot to fish and search for cowplant seeds in either Oasis Spring’s Desert Bloom watering hole or the Forgotten Grotto. There mustbe one cowplant for each sister.

Challenge ends when the town is filled with Fire sister’s children and the rest have been eaten by the cowplant, or you get bored.

Serial Killer Challenge

I get bored a lot in the sims so I end up killing sims or having affairs so this challenge is perfect. You create one sim with the evil trait with a long lifespan. You cannot ask sims to move into your estate but you will lure them in then remove the door behind them. Challenges last for three weeks only with the goal of killing as many sims as possible either from starvation or drowning. You tell the sims visiting to go to specific locations and wait until they die. You cannot travel while someone is locked away or they will be transported out of the lot. When someone dies you keep the graves for your count and banish the souls to the Netherworld. You can also make children with your victims and keep them as trophies until you run out of room and kill them as well. There are points in this challenge:

  • +50 for every sims that dies
  • +30 for deaths by cowplant
  • +60 for becoming besties with the Grim Reaper
  • +90 for every child you have with your victim. Only one baby per victim.
  • -100 for using cheats.
  • -100 for breaking rules.
  • -90 for any baby that dies without being killed.

These are just some of my favorites, but what are yours? I’m going to be playing them on our YouTube channel, one at a time because I think these are insanely interesting to play.

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