The Sims: What Type of Player Can You Be?

There are lots of different ways you can play The Sims. And everyone plays the game a little bit differently from how they design their sims to the houses and lives they live. So what are the different ways you can play the game?

The Dreamer

This player plays their own life with whatever they want. Want to be good looking? You got it. Want tons of money and a great job? Sure. Want a huge mansion? Go for it. Have whatever you want either by achieving it or just using cheats to have it all.

The Psychopath

This can be interesting. You create sims just to play with their every emotion. Make their lives miserable and kill him in horrifying ways from drowning to burning to electrocuting.  And there’s no reward in doing so. You’re just killing sims by locking them in pools or in rooms with no resources. It gives a god-like feeling, I suppose, you give life to the characters and it’s in your hands to take it away at will.

The Fan

Why create yourself, when you can recreate your favorite characters or celebrities and have them live the life you want them to. Make your ships have children, get married, whatever they didn’t or weren’t allowed to before. But it’s not in your hands to give them the life you always wanted them to have. Or what would happen if you put Harry Potter, Professor Snape, Luke Skywalker, and Dean Winchester all in the same house? Would Dean Winchester attempt to kill Snape for using magic? You get to live out your own little fanfiction.

The Scrooge

I mean who doesn’t want infinite money at their fingertips. Give your sims several million simeleons and give them the biggest mansion possible filled with pools, hot tubs, leather couches, flat screen TVs and more. Hell order pizza every night, you have unlimited money using cheats like rosebud or motherlode.

The Uncaring God

There is free will after all. Who says you have to control their every action? Plus see if they will perish or prosper without your assistance. But then again, they’ll probably perish since they can’t figure out how to get around a plate in a hallway without some guidance. But they could survive.

The Architect

Design and construct buildings to your hearts content. Who says you have to play with the actual sims? They’re demanding and whining for you to pay attention to their needs and wishes. But you can also just design incredible, majestic homes and buildings using anything in the build menu. In The Sims 4 you can scale anything to be the size you wish or hover in air. Who wouldn’t want to build their own dream house?

The World Builder

Create an entire neighborhood filled with original characters not derived from reality or characters from your favorite shows. You can create a completely fictional universe and help them all reach their dreams. Or have them cheat and have affairs, create an complex story with all your original characters.

What type of simmer are you?