The Time I Ruined Christmas

Let’s just say I haven’t always been the greatest when it comes to presents. I used to get way too curious about what I got and would try to figure it out beforehand. I don’t do that anymore but I did it a lot as a kid. And this one isn’t about a present I ruined for myself, but rather for my neighbors. But it all honestly, I had no idea it was a present and it’s not like it was hidden or anything. But I thought since it’s Christmas time I would share the story.

So when I was in elementary school, the girl next door was my best friend in the world and we practically lived at each other’s house. Typically, heading over or meeting up in the backyard. So a few days before Christmas I headed over to their house one day and noticed they had just gotten a hot tub. It was just sitting at the bottom of their stairs not really concealed or hidden. Just there as if it always had been, but I knew it was new as that’s not really something you could miss. And I knew right away what it was as my family used to have one. So I was excited to see it since I practically lived there so I could use it in the future too. What I didn’t know is this was apparently the big Christmas present for the year. Not only for the neighbor girl but her two big brothers as well. Who, by the way, played hockey on the lake in the backyard. And would have seen it coming to or from the ice.

Now, I didn’t mention it right away as I assumed they already knew about it. It wasn’t until a few hours later when we were bored that I suggested we hop in the hot tub for a bit of fun. They all just looked at me confused. So I pulled them over to the window on that side of the house and pointed it out. Let’s just say they lost it in excitement. So we all rushed downstairs to their parents. And the look they gave me was like daggers. That look you get that basically just means “how dare you ruin the surprise.” Apparently, they had told my mom about it and she was supposed to tell me not to mention it as they were keeping the kids from going in the backyard until Christmas. Though my mom could’ve told me and I either wasn’t listening or forgot about it completely (I forget things often).

Let’s just say after that I wasn’t allowed over for a few days and they have never quite forgiven me for ruining Christmas that year. I mean probably that and telling the neighbor girl that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy weren’t real. I forgot she was two years younger than me and still believed in it. I didn’t realize it was a secret that you were supposed to just let kids figure out on their own. I thought it was just one of those things once you knew you could just talk freely about it. Nope, learned that lesson the hard way. Granted I knew Santa wasn’t real when I was three as I caught my parents putting out presents and just kept that secret to myself.

Anyways this is really just a short little storytime so I’ll just stop the rambling there. What’s a time you ruined Christmas for the family or someone else?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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