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Things I Learned from Video Games

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There’s no denying that we’ve learned things from different places in our lives including video games. You can take life lessons from wherever and why not video games? You spend so much time devoting yourself to getting through the game that you just take away little lessons from them over time. So these are some of those things that I’ve learned from playing video games.

Photo Credit: Kathryn DuFeo, Juu-Hachi [DeviantArt] Photo Credit: Kathryn DuFeo, Juu-Hachi [DeviantArt]

Photo Credit: Kathryn DuFeo, Juu-Hachi [DeviantArt] Photo Credit: Kathryn DuFeo, Juu-Hachi [DeviantArt]

Photo Credit: Kathryn DuFeo, Juu-Hachi [DeviantArt] Photo Credit: Kathryn DuFeo, Juu-Hachi [DeviantArt]

Photo Credit: Kathryn DuFeo, Juu-Hachi [DeviantArt] Photo Credit: Kathryn DuFeo, Juu-Hachi [DeviantArt]

  1. Difficulty increases the further you progress. Life is easy to start out with just like any video game, but over time you learn things and life gets harder. You’re going to fail and get stronger to get past challenges in life.
  2. No obstacles? Wrong Direction. Life isn’t supposed to be easy, if there are no challenges then your most likely headed in the wrong direction. Just like a video game, if you’ve been somewhere before or went the wrong way, you face no obstacles because you weren’t meant to go that direction.
  3. Look for secrets and do some side quests along the way. You don’t progress unless you take the time to step away from the main storyline. This is the place you truly improve yourself to get past those obstacles and challenges. And this can be anything from a hobby to a new skill. Plus doing these things make the journey of life more enjoyable.
  4. You have more than one life. Like any classic game, you got multiple lives… not in the literal sense but metaphorically. Your health recharges over time or you can get healed if it’s severe enough. And you get more lives through reinventing yourself or taking on new opportunities.
  5. Tutorials are important. We all know in games that the beginning is feed to us through tutorials, but if you skip through them later in the game you’re sitting there confused as to how to do something so you have to look up a walkthrough. Life is the same way. So pay attention to all the tutorials you can even if they don’t seem super important.
  6. Take advantage of the pause button. In games you get that magic button where you can stop and analyze what is going on. Or it’s a moment to get some fresh air and a deep breath before going back into it. Just like games, you should pause every once in a while to take it all in and get a refresher.
  7. It’s dangerous out there, bring a friend. The classic line we’re all aware of. But it’s true, the world isn’t perfect so it’s best not to go it alone. Plus they might bring something to the table that you don’t know. For instance in a video game, you might be the strong warrior but you still need that healer to save you in a bind when your health is running low from taking all the blows.
  8. Be careful, you can lose everything you have in an instant. From Minecraft to Nintendo we’ve learned that one bad move or foe can take away everything we’ve worked for in a second. So it’s best to keep things safe so you don’t lose everything you have.
  9. Old rivals can become good friends. Just because someone wronged you in the place doesn’t mean someday they won’t become a good friend of yours.
  10. Explore the map. You don’t have to be stuck in one place forever. You never know if you might find something amazing by just exploring. From food vendors to little boutiques to landmarks that take your breath away.
  11. Don’t help the helpless. Now this one sounds wrong, but it’s very true. Help only those who truly need it, but don’t feel bad when they lack the drive to keep going. You can’t carry everyone through life. Everyone hates the companion in a quest who is constantly dying or not helping outwith the mission. In order to get through the dungeon you have to work as a team, if they aren’t pulling their weight, you don’t have to feel bad about not continuing to help them.  You don’t need to sacrifice yourself just to pull someone out of the much when they’re just going to drown you with them.
  12. Everyone wants to be a hero. We are all the protagonist of our own stories even the bad people. It’s all a matter of perspective and no one wants to be hated. And the bad guys might not realize they are the bad guys.
  13. Let go. You can’t hold onto everything forever. Your inventory will fill up and you won’t have room for anything else. Whether possessions or feelings, you have to let things go as they just weigh you down. Don’t let the old memories or things get in the way of where you’re going.
  14. Know the patterns. Life and games work in patterns. It’s all about learning the timing and figuring out what’s needed to move forward. If you stick to the patterns, you will reach your destination.
  15. You’re not alone. Someone has gone through the “quest” before, even if it doesn’t seem like it. We all carry scars that might not be visible and can all use help from time to time.

These are what I learned from video games. What did you learn from them?


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