Things I Want to Do To Improve my Blog

Over the past few months I’ve been working hard making my blog the best version it’s ever been. From getting a template from Pipdig, getting help with designing a logo, and purchasing items to make the quality better. Were all of these things needed? No, but they’re investments I wanted to make into my blog. And I honestly think it has been the best result, as there’s actually engagement for once on here and I can see it growing. Something I hardly ever saw before I made all of these changes. But there are a few more things that I want to do to improve the blog.

Mae Polzine BloggingBetter Lighting | Recently I purchased a ring-light, but have yet to set it up or use it on a regular basis. I mainly got this for live-streams and videos for YouTube, but I’m also going to attempt to use it for blog photographs so the quality is even better since often when I can shot photographs is after the sun has gone down and there isn’t always the best lighting in the house for that.

Drawing Tablet | This is another thing I wanted to get with the new scrap-booking style photography that I started using this month. I had a digital tablet before but I was not good at it. Things I drew never looked quite right but I could sketch them correctly with pen and paper. That’s when I discovered The Slate by iskn which is a tablet where you place a piece of paper down then slide a sensor onto the pencil that together make the drawing appear on the computer as if you were drawing on there. So I could actually make drawings the way I want them to be digitally. As part of this I’m debating on creating a little shop or something to either sell those drawings or create logos. Not sure which yet but I know I want to create some type of digital service/store off of it.

Cruelty Free Guide | This is something I started a year ago but there weren’t a lot of options on SquareSpace when I did this. But since moving to WordPress, I had bigger dreams for it. Though a few times I have felt discouraged as I don’t have a lot of time to manage it as it’s a huge undertaking. This is something I’m hoping to re-launch in July that is highly interactive. From being able to filter the list down to certain criteria such as a type of product, vegan, gluten free, store, and more. As well as a drop down that shows off the parent company status and their animal testing policy. Basically it’ll be like my “Is BLANK Cruelty Free” series that I did previously but all combined and interacting in the form of the guide.

Microphone | This is not so much for the blog but does relate to the blog since I often do YouTube videos for various posts. Right now I’m using the built-in microphone on my DSLR Camera, but it’s not the best. So I want to get an actual microphone that connects to the camera like a Rode microphone or something that makes everything sound better.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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