Things I’m Doing in 2019 When it Comes to Finances

After six months of being freed from an apartment that cost me an entire paycheck every month, I wouldn’t say I’ve managed to check up with finances or debt that came about during that time period and beforehand. In part, this is due to not making drastic changes after leaving my part-time job due to time commitments with my full-time salary job slightly before that occurred. I don’t want to go into what all happened with that apartment/ex-roommate situation anymore. So now starting 2019, I’m going to be making changes to get back on track with everything, knock out debt, and somehow manage to move out into a place of my own again.

Elimiate Cosmetics Budget

I mean I never really had it in the budget but I used to spend a good penny on makeup. Including getting every new release from my favorite brands, and just trying new things every paycheck. I can’t allow that anymore. Now I can’t say I won’t buy any makeup or cosmetics products as there are still some things I need to get like makeup remover or replacement of products I use daily. But the collection once used up will be diminishing until all of the debt is gone.

Pay More Than the Minimum

The main thing that’s been killing me is the damn interest rates. I have yet to make head way on the debt due to those interest rates. Second I pay the minimum, the next month it’s like I never paid in the first place. So in a round robin style since I can’t afford to pay more than the minimum on all will be paying more than the minimum due until I get all of those damn credit cards paid off. Then once those four cards are gone I’ll just have student loans for the rest of my life… or 30-60 years. As those are already raising numbers as time goes on with the current repayment plan, so maybe one day I can do the same with those but today is not that day.

Move to Needs Versus Wants Spending

This in part plays into the cosmetics piece from earlier. I need to get better at just spending money on what I need versus what I want. Like I need food but I don’t need a new Nintendo Switch or PC game that looks interesting. Or I need deodrant when mine runs out but I don’t need a new wig even if I hate the way my hair looks. It’s all a matter of prespective that I just need to work on getting better at.

If you have any tips, I would love to hear them. As I’m not great with managing my own money, and I can’t really ask my folks for tips. Since they aren’t great either.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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