Things I’ve Learned About Minimalism From Having a Smaller Bedroom

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Back in November, I had to move back to my mom’s house after a huge fall out with my roommate. However, my mom moved to a house where there were only two real bedrooms and the third had half of the room turned into a closet and the rest is just big enough for a full sized bed and an end table. But nothing else. I didn’t except my mom to turn that into my room nor that I would be staying long past the expiration of the lease at my previous townhouse. So I have been trying to get used to getting used to a “Harry Potter Closet” bedroom. And I’ve learned quite a few things since then.

Mae Polzine Small Bedroom.jpgThis is not in any way a “poor me” thing or anything like that. There’s nothing wrong with a small bedroom, do I wish I had more space since? Sure, I used to live in a townhouse and had tons of space where I didn’t feel like I was in anyone’s way. But do I need that space? No, and I’ll get into that shortly. Also the only reason I call it the Harry Potter Closet Bedroom is his room in the books and movie was literally just a bed, a single light, and an end table. Not under the stairs but I’m in the smallest room possible that they weren’t expecting to have a person in. Similar properties of my room currently.

Less Space, Less Stuff | One thing that I’ve been getting used to with the smaller space is having less stuff. Honestly, it’s been about four months since my stuff went into a storage unit until I could move again and I can’t remember what’s in there other than my furniture. As for everything else it’s a complete mystery to me. And I’m debating when I move to get rid of almost all of it. Mainly as I don’t miss any of it so why keep it?

Appreciate the Things You Do Have | Along the lines of less stuff, you start to appreciate the things you do have even more. The goes for every area of item from makeup to hair care to books to home decor. Each item has more meaning to it and you only keep the items that you truly need or it just takes up all the precious space.

You Want Less | This is the most unexpected thing from moving in the Harry Potter Closet bedroom, you don’t want anything. Yes I did get a few things to personalize the room but it was two items that I didn’t get as gifts from my mom or sister at Christmas. Those were a light box that I put the phrase “Don’t Quit Your Daydream” and a mug that has the exact same phrase with a fake succulent inside. When I first moved in I was looking at apartments that would have all the bells and whistles, but honestly now I would just be fine with a small one bedroom apartment or studio with not a lot of square footage. And that makes me laugh because it was honestly not something I even thought I would consider.

Wanting to Improve | I’m not 100% sure if this is because of the smaller space or just from moving back home. But I wanted to include it in this post. With not wanting a lot of stuff, it’s made me focus inwards on myself to realize how much I’ve let things slide over the past year. So I’ve been working on regaining my self-confidence, health, and fitness. I’m going to do an update post more specifically on that in the future, but so far since starting this journey in January I’ve lost eight pounds and have not gone to fast food joints as often.

Home Decor.jpgLove ya,

Mae Polzine

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