Things I’ve Started to Do Naturally Since Becoming a Beauty Blogger

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When I originally started my blog, I was a makeup newbie. I had just started to use makeup on a daily basis that was more than just eyeliner and lipstick. And now I have a collection that is filled to the brim and like 100 products I want to add to it at any given moment. And I would have to say that comes from finding a love for blogging about beauty. I have seen a few bloggers do something similar to this including A Girl, Obsessed and I wanted to do this myself as I thought it was a fun idea for a blog post.

  • It’s impossible to walk through a drugstore or shop in general without checking out all the makeup to see if there is another new or interesting.
  • Manicures don’t last long as you want to play with all the colors.
  • You watch more reviews and tutorials on YouTube just to get ideas on how to improve your own rather than actually paying attention to the product. Because you’ve watched multiple people review the same product.
  • You run out of storage for your makeup all the time.
  • There is always random makeup swatched on the back of your hand or wrist. Sometimes resulting it to transfer to other things or people. Especially after you come out of Ulta or Sephora.
  • News of new makeup is always exciting.
  • You own enough lipstick to last every day of the year and still want more.
  • All your extra cash goes towards makeup purchases.
  • You wear a full face of makeup anywhere including a quick trip to Walmart, Target, or the gas station.
  • You have more makeup brushes than you probably need and all of them need a good cleaning. But you end up getting more brushes to avoid cleaning them.
  • You know how to contour like a pro.

What are some things you’ve picked up from beauty blogging?

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