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Thoughts Regarding ColourPop & Makeup Geek New Releases


I was going to do an anti-haul but weren’t a lot of things I really wanted to talk about. One I wanted to do more on a general basis of the brand (ColourPop) while the other is regarding the re-brand of Makeup Geek. I’m trying my hardest not to buy any new products (other than the Ace Beaute palettes that I got), so I thought this would be interesting to do.


ColourPop has been known for years for “fast makeup” and for the longest time, I was collecting all of the eyeshadow palettes. But have been trying to get myself out of that thought process that I need everything that’s launched. For instance, the last four palettes launched are insanely similar. You could rearrange the two large palettes to create the new nine pan palettes. Which are also just larger versions of palettes they already had in their SKUs. Some include the exact same shades that they sell individually so it’s just a curated BYOP. And for a while I was getting the individual shadows as they launched, so I was starting to get the same shades twice to three times. No. I don’t want that.

Not to mention while they stripped away the plastic packaging at the request of their customers, they have gotten rid of mirrors and the price hasn’t changed. If anything they are more expensive. Take the Nude Mood 9-pan palette that costs $14, the other 9-pan palettes that were in plastic packaging with a mirror were only $12. Not to mention the 12-pan palettes which once cost $16 are now being sold for $18. While that’s still affordable, it’s creeping up there. And with weekly releases, it’s too much!

They have some of my favorite products and make up the mass majority of things that I own in my collection, but it’s definitely a brand I’m not super hyped about anymore. And each collection I end up being disappointed with since I basically already have it from them in something else.

Makeup Geek

Next brand I wanted to talk about is Makeup Geek. They recently did a re-brand of their packaging and shape of their eyeshadow pans as they try to make a comeback after a series of unfortunate events. I do have to admit the full collection palettes look stunning with the monochrome columns and would be something I would possibly think about trying if it were not for the fact that each one costs $125… that’s some luxury prices for a magnetic palette with no mirror and pans that don’t fit all the way across making them slide around even if you do face pans instead of just eyeshadow. I know it’s technically cheaper than buying all of the shades individually, which you can do so if one runs out it’s easy to switch out, but that is not something my bank account could possibly handle. I can barely justify the prices of Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes or Jeffree Star Cosmetics palettes which are half the price, and I don’t even have them all at that. I don’t know, it looks nice and from the reviews I’ve seen they are nice. But I’m not sure it’s so revolutionary or different from everything else in my collection that I can justify purchasing these. Though again if money wasn’t a question, I probably would end up getting these.


Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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