Three Things I Struggle With

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So for today’s post, I’m going to be talking about three things that I really struggle with on a daily basis. I got this idea from Natalie from Notts in Cotton who did a similar post over on her blog.

polzine_winter_landscape5Having Breakfast Every Morning

I am not a morning person, I have been trying to years to make myself one but still struggle to get myself out of bed or make time for things like properly doing my hair and make every day. Or you know… have breakfast. Everyone says it’s the most important meal of the day. But when I wake up, I’m a zombie. The last thing I remotely think of is making some food then eating it. When I finally start to feel awake or want to eat, it’s like ten o’ clock in the morning and at work I go on lunch at 11 o’ clock… so why bother with breakfast at that point. It’s already lunchtime.

Insomnia/Sleep Pattern

My sleep is very easily destroyed. One night on call where I have to take a call in the middle of the night for work, then my sleep is royally messed up for weeks. And by the time I have it corrected, it’s the next on-call period and it’s all destroyed again. I spend many nights sharing at the ceiling wishing that I could fall asleep. Which sucks ’cause sleep is insanely important to help your body recharge and repair for the next day. And I’ve tired like everything from aromatherapy to exercise to meditation to medication. None of it has done a thing to help. Medication just knocks me out and I can’t wake up for around 20 hours after taking it or I have horrible side effects, which isn’t what I want either. And I’ve dealt with this since I was a pre-teen. Maybe one day I’ll figure it out but that has not happened yet.

Body Image

I have a lot of issues with how I view myself. I can’t stand my teeth, weight, or hair at the moment. I’m joining my mom on I believe Weight Watchers or something like that to lose weight so I’ll be comfortable with my body again since I kind of let that go in the last year with my depression/bipolar’s return. As for my hair, I haven’t like it for many moons but I’m not sure what exactly to do to make me like it again. I hate my natural hair color, I always have and though I loved the red I felt like it was a character and not actually me when I looked in the mirror. And I can’t figure out a hairstyle that works with my hair, my waves just aren’t sitting right any time regardless of the cut so I don’t know what to do with it other than throw it in a ponytail. And my teeth just need major work that I can’t afford and isn’t covered by my insurance. Plus since I’m still struggling to get a new license and social security card since my wallet was stolen, I can’t actually go into the dentist or doctor’s office to deal with my health. Which sucks!

Do you relate to any of these or what do you struggle with?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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