Tips for Blogging with a Full Time Job

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**This is a repost of a post that was created in May 16, 2016, but I wanted to give it a little refresher as some time has past since then.**

Blogging.jpgI have been working full time for many years at this point, and at one point when I used to even work two jobs (one full time and one part time). And have more or less in that time period been posting blog posts every day. So I can’t spend every moment of the day writing, editing, tweeting, photographing, and other aspects that go along with running a blog. As I’m out of the house for eleven hours, with traffic and working. I don’t have a lot of time to solely dedicate to my blog as I would want. Plus I am also working on a bunch of projects, so that just adds even more to the time constraints. Don’t get me wrong, I love always been busy but it leaves me with very little time left over to play video games for my gaming channel or working on the blog. But there is a trick to blogging to make sure you never fall off schedule, when you don’t have time on your side.

Note Taking Applications

I personally use Microsoft OneNote but you can honestly use any application that you can access whenever you need to. This way whenever a blog post or idea pops into your head, you can write out everything. Either this can be used as a guide later to form the blog post or is a great first draft to revise. Plus you can write down any products that you want to include or general notes on what photos you want to accompany them. I have my own tab in OneNote just for my blog so I can make multiple pages that are devoted to different items such as: blog post ideas, rough drafts on various posts, blog information that I need to remember, referral codes, and project ideas for the future. You can also make your own little calendar in there then mark off any day you complete a post for. So basically everything is in one place to keep track of.

Create a Template

Now I didn’t realize at first that this even happened to the mass majority of the posts I was writing, until one day I just realized I was using the same formatting over and over when I was creating a post. I.E. first paragraph to describe the post, a picture to reflect the topic, then the main body of the post, followed up with a question for the comments and my signature. Having a general structure worked out really helps when it comes to writing a post because it saves time in the long run. So look over some of your previous posts and you’ll fine a general pattern emerging that you can refine or expand upon.

Batch Blogging

Often when I get some free time that I’m not spending on recording gaming videos or working on projects, then I’m writing blog posts in a batch. This helps me feel really productive to see posts scheduled out for a week or so. I don’t have to worry about being late on the schedule and free up time in the future as I’m not rushing every night to write something for the following day. I typically get the most work completed on the weekends or during my lunch break. My favorite is when I get to mark off an entire week as being done and feel insanely more relaxed.

Let me know if you have any good time-saving blog tips! Or what are some things you do to maintain work/life/blog balance?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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