Tips for Designing a Modern Living Room

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Having a high-end living space has never been easier. Thanks to so many inspirations online and with the help of your own imagination and creativity, you can arrange your home to look stylish yet cosy. The living room is the place where the entire family gathers and socializes among themselves and friends, so it’s essential that you create a warm and inviting ambiance for everyone to enjoy. From the trendy colours through fashionable furniture and good lighting, your living room could look fabulous if you only choose all the features wisely and with attention to details.

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Walls and floors

Neutral, light, soft shades should be the base of living room design. With neutral tones, vibrant furniture hues will fit in more easily. Therefore, it’s good to consider white, beige or cream walls and floors, with the touch of vivacious furniture colours to add a dose of dynamics to the living space. It’s essential that you leave the floors neutral so that the modern furniture can be the primary focus of everyone’s attention. Mix earthy green furniture with warm beige walls and floors, to have a pleasant and inviting ambiance. If you choose light beige walls, make sure to add a deep charcoal carpet and offer a perfect contrast to the light hue.

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When looking for suitable furniture, go with straight lines and strong geometric shapes. Create a perfect symmetry with sharp edges and rigid shapes. Since walls will offer a neutral base for you to decorate around, think about dark-coloured furniture to create the nice contrast. Anything from black, brown, gray to deep red, blue and yellow will be the good choice for a modern living room. On the other hand, if you don’t want the furniture to be the focal point, go with lighter shades of seating arrangement and leave room for vibrant artwork to introduce a pop of colour instead. Patterned throw pillows tend to offer a beautiful balance to the neutral furniture hues.

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Accent pieces

Nothing brings in an elegant touch to the home as accent pieces do. Don’t worry about extending your budget with trendy accessories, because even with the coordinated colours of electronic devices, you can create a perfect harmony of hues. Just think about having a custom home theatre that will offer both amazing leisure for the family as well as a perfect decorating item for the room. Introduce modern artwork to customize the space and introduce your own sense of style into your living room. With books, vases, and candles the living room will have that warm and cosy feel.

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Lighting can make or break the entire room ambiance, so it’s essential that you illuminate the space nicely. Consider recessed ceiling lights, small scones or even thin-based floor lamps. Classic chandeliers are always a good choice, offering you both style and great illumination. Moreover, a great option would be if you could afford to expand the small windows. Bringing in as much natural light as possible is the best option, both aesthetically and financially. The home will look much better and your electricity bill will not go through the roof.

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A comfortable modern living room is the place where everyone will enjoy spending their time. Therefore, make sure you create the space where you’ll be able to relax, socialize and feel comfortable, while still enjoy the beautiful aesthetic appeal of modern decor. Mix neutral hues with bold tones, and be sure to personalize the space so that it reflects your own style. Add a pop of colour with accent pieces and illuminate the room appropriately to provide the entire family the most enjoyable feeling in your modern living room.

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