Tips for Growing Out Your Bangs & Hiding Them in the Process

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Several months ago when I first dyed my hair red, I was reverting back to the “what I wanted to look like in high school but my mom would never let me” mood and got side bangs. Shortly after doing that I remembered how much I didn’t like them unless they were perfect and my hair was up in a ponytail. And my hair isn’t straight but wavy… but not in a cute way. It looks out of control and bangs just look like a mess. And I don’t have time every morning to make them perfect. So this leads to the decision to grow them back out which is a process since hair doesn’t just instantly grow back when you want it to. And as it does it leads to hair in your eyes and some ungraceful moments. If you’re in a similar boat of wanting to grow back out your bangs, here are some tips to growing them out and how to style them in the process so you don’t have bad hair days in the process.

Depending on how you did your part and bangs, will change how you need to grow them out.

Blunt or straight across bangs

The first step to do once you’ve made the decision that the bangs need to go is to only trim the center to avoid your bangs getting into your eyes. This will help the outer corners blend in with the rest of the layers in your hair cut as they grow. It will also allow you to sweep the bang to either side. After a while, about a month or so in, separate the bangs down the middle. Then blend in with the hair on either side of your part. It gives a chic look while at the same time get the fringe off the center of your forehead. Depending on how fast your hair grows, after two months your bangs will be long enough that you can flip the ends out and have an easier time blending them in with your hair when it’s wavy. And this will continue until your bangs fully grow out to match the length of your layers, but will be easier and easier to blend.

Heavy Side Swept Bangs

This is what I had. And if you’re like me, I love my hair flipped very far off to one side rather than towards the middle. So unlike the previous method, splitting in the middle doesn’t work. Though if I moved the part for a few months that would do the trick, but I don’t feel comfortable with my part being in that spot. And I naturally flip my hair back over to the extreme part where I feel more comfortable with it. So what’s my secret to ensuring better hair days while my hair grows out? Braids, lots and lots of braids. I switch up the style every other day so my hair doesn’t get weak in any one part thus allowing it to grow out at the same time as concealing the bangs. That or when my wavys are behaving, I blend them in with the natural wave of the rest of my hair to make it all look like one piece rather than multiple. After four months of regrowing I’m about 2/3 of the way there and luckily they are long enough that if I do a ponytail they don’t fall out anymore.

How do you style/grow out your bangs?

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