Top Eccentric Fashion Trends

Fashion is the most versatile industry of all, because it gives people the possibility to express themselves and set unbelievable fashion trends. While every year tends to bring some new lovely trends, we also have the opportunity to witness very unusual and extreme outfits, materials, footwear, make-up, and even body transformations. However, only a few of these outlandish fashion trends made the top of the list of eccentric fashion trends.

Armadillo Shoes

When we say Lady Gaga, we can’t think of anything simple and usual. She’s been a synonym to fierce, incredible and extravagant ever since we’ve seen her first performance. Well, one of Gaga’s bizarre shoes that’ve shocked the entire world are the work of a designer Alexander McQueen.  Namely, the Armadillo shoe became popular thanks to Gaga’s music video for the song “Bad Romance”.

Numerous designers have tried to copy or at least incorporate some of the incredible shoe style into their designs ever since. It’s a real fashion forward and extremely bold move for a designer to make such footwear for everyday use. Sometimes we see designs just in videos, and they’re made for the sake of shooting and then forgotten entirely. However, these shoes made their appearance in numerous stores around the world. Nevertheless, could you imagine yourself dancing all night in a pair of those? I’d barely be able to make one step to my doorway, let alone walk down the street.


This peculiar fashion trend comes from Japan. Young Japanese girls, who get involved with older men of eccentric fashion style, tend to apply strong make-up and create a very dark complexion. The result is highly unnatural, because the girls look like they’ve spent days under the scorching sun. Only the eye area is covered with two circular marks of white colour and the hair is usually silver. The rest of the make-up is very strong, and the outfit usually comes in flashy neon colours, that follow the entire Manba style.

Body Piercing

Ear and nose piercing are particularly widespread among both men and women, while belly button piercing became a huge hit among women. Moreover, nose piercing originates from 1500 BC, so it’s one of the ancients piercings in the world. Furthermore, African and American tribal cultures have started the tradition of lip and tongue piercing.

Similar to body piercing the, Hindu tradition brings another outlandish trend that actually looks great. A Bindi is a little round mark, placed on the forehead between two eyebrows. It usually serves as an adornment, but it’s also a prerogative of married women in India. Nowadays, regardless of the gender, age or marital status bindis are popular worldwide and many people choose to incorporate them into their outfits.

Eye Tattoos

Some people would say it looks extreme and unsightly, but tattooing the cornea has been popular for quite some time and people started practicing the eye tattooing thousands of years ago. Moreover, people who suffer from scarred eye tissue tend to apply this tattoo with doctor’s permission. However, injecting dye or ink into the sclera just for the sake of being different, is a relatively new trend. Hopefully, it will not stay long, because I don’t think seeing people’s sclera in red, yellow, green, blue, or any other colour would actually be attractive to others. It’s simply not natural and pleasant to look at.

We have witnessed some pretty uncommon fashion trends over the years, decades and centuries. Some of them were appealing and others not as much, but they have definitely made their mark. As the time goes by, people are becoming more creative and inspired, so who knows what will astonish us in the years to come. We’ll just have to wait and see.