Trying Out Glasses From Warby Parker

Warby Parker glassesI’ve been debating on switching my style to wearing glasses more often, mainly do to the fact I’ve had three ulcers in my lifetime already from contacts. I do love contacts especially on days were I want to film videos or wear makeup. Since glasses hide all the work you put into a look, but during the week I don’t do crazy makeup looks. They are extremely simple that I can do in five minutes and call it a day. So I’ve been debating on getting new glasses since mine as about at that time where they should get replaced. And one of my co-workers recently introduced me Warby Parker as they give you 5 glasses to try out at home then you send them back to order your prescription all for free for the trial part.

The five glasses I decided to try were:

  • Eaton Tree Swallow Fade
  • Chamberlain Crystal
  • Vaughan Eastern Bluebird Fade
  • Fletcher Eastern Bluebird Fade
  • Bell Lychee Crystal

As I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with the nerdy style or a more mid-century style. So I tried to order a mixture of the two. I also tried to stick to more rectangular and square shaped glasses as typically I have found those work the best for my face shape.

One thing about this company is they have a buy one, give one problem like TOMS shoes… which is not the greatest program in a sense that it can hurt local business where those glasses go. But I do appreciate their desire to try and help. Another drawback of the company is that apparently if you have more complicated or high prescriptions they might not be able to make lenses for you, such as bifocals or trifocals. They also do not have kids or name brand frames. I don’t have to deal with that as my prescription isn’t too bad, but I still need them since I can’t see more than a foot in front of me without them. And I don’t care about having brand name frames or lenses, I just want something that works and looks good on me. Also I do have a place close by I can go to if I need adjustments, I just won’t shop for glasses there as they cost $600 with lenses since they are all brand name like Gucci and Vogue.

So now onto the trying out of the glasses…

Warby Parker Vaughan glassesWarby Parker Fletcher glassesWarby Parker Eaton glassesWarby Parker Chamberlain glassesWarby Parker Bell glasses

And the winner is by a landslide…

Warby Parker Vaughan glassesThank you to everyone on Instagram who helped me pick out which glasses look the best. I can’t wait to receive the ones with prescriptions so I can wear them on a more regular basis. Also I’m going to be glad to have the correct prescription so I don’t get migraines from them as I did with my current pair. Plus the final pair only cost $125, but I might get some reimbursement from my insurance. If you don’t need high index, they are only $95. But I need that as my eyes are terrible, and by terrible I mean -5.0 in one eyes and -4.75 in the other. Considering previously that was the cost of each lens if I got literally the bare bones plus add on more for the frames, I’m super excited for my new glasses to arrive which I’m going to wear way more often considering I had to also switch to two week only contacts compared to month long ones.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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