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Turned Myself into Princess Zelda from Tears of the Kingdom Using Body Paint


It’s been a minute since I’ve body painted, since my eight-year-old ringlight died. But I finally have working lights! As my webcam keeps glitching, I can’t actually record it right now. But, at the very least, I can paint in my free time. And since I’ve been addicted with playing Tears of the Kingdom, I decided to transform myself into Princess Zelda (during the opening scene).

This look was created using Madeyewlook Body Paints (yeti, oak, and sunflower) and Mehron Paradise paints (teal and tan). I also used Nyx Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes for shading and white liquid liner for highlighting. I’m in love with how this look turned out. The only editing I did, aside from general color correction, was changing the color of my hair clips. Otherwise, everything is done entirely with body paint and makeup.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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