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Two ColourPop Palettes that I’ve Been Wearing Lately: Lust for Dusk & So Very Lovely


I’ve been pretty good about not buying every new ColourPop release. Granted, my sister has still been very generous in ordering them for me as surprises lately. Not every release but a fair amount of the eyeshadow palettes. Not all of them I have used or reached for a lot. But there are two lately that have stood out mainly as they’ve been sitting out and I’ve worn them almost every day since I received them. Those palettes being the Lust for Dusk and So Very Lovely.

I would say these palettes are similar in some regards. Lust for Dusk is more of your evening night out (not that I do) while So Very Lovely is more of a sunset. So, evening vibes but different parts of it and they go together. Sometimes I use shades out of each palette to create a look. Both palettes have cardboard packaging and do not include mirrors. They are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

So Very Lovely Pressed Pigament Palette

This is a 12-pan palette with a mixture of champagne, mauve, peach, and berry tones that costs $18. I swear ColourPop palettes have been getting more expensive. Not like a major price jump but I remember like 3 or 4 years ago they were $15-16 for the 12-pan and now they are $18. But the formula is great, and I use them all the time so I’m not complaining.

Anyways… the shades included in So Very Lovely are:

  • lace up: metallic golden champagne with a warm pink flip
  • organza: metallic icy mauve
  • craft works: matte pastel peach
  • fringed: metallic icy taupe
  • braided: metallic warm gold
  • macaroon: matte pastel lilac
  • eyelet*: matte pinky peach
  • rose ave*: matte dusty rose
  • dream catcher: matte terracotta
  • tea time: metallic copper bronze
  • collective: metallic icy berry
  • topanga blvd*: matte deep blackberry

The ones with * are not intended for around the immediate eye area as they are pressed pigments, meaning they could stain your eyelids. There’s nothing wrong with using it there, but that’s something the FDA requires them to put on the packaging due to the dyes used to create those colors.

Lust for Dusk Eyeshadow Palette

This is a 16-pan palette with a mixture of mauve, taupe, peach and terracotta, and rich chocolate tones that costs $24.

The shades included in this palette are:

  • sunset chaser: metallic warm gold
  • wild sky: matte yellow peach
  • shaken: metallic silvery mauve
  • mood lighting: metallic pale silvery taupe
  • hot glam: matte cool-toned saddle brown
  • quiet storm: metallic warm copper with pinky pinpoints
  • mixer: matte pinky mauve
  • eventide: matte soft dusty taupe
  • nite lovers: metallic warm taupe with a silvery gold duo chrome finish
  • horizon: matte peach
  • take the lead: matte greige
  • miser: metallic pinky terracotta with a silvery blue duo chrome finish
  • that’s neat: matte cool-toned chocolate with golden pinpoints
  • after dark: matte terracotta
  • serve chilled: matte smoky plum
  • twilight: matte mid-tone grey

None of these shades include dyes that may stain your lids. Originally, I was almost going to avoid getting this palette as Quiet Storm looks like glitter at first glance on the website. If a palette has one of those shades, it’s not coming home with me. I’m allergic to most glitters due to the ingredients, and would rather not have a shade in a palette that I can’t use. But Quiet Storm is their metallic formula so I have no issues with it.

What palettes have you been wearing lately?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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