Unboxing Bullymake for June 2017

BullyMake boxes are $31/month if you choose the 12 month option, $34/month for 6 month option, $36/month for 3 month option, or $39/month for a single month at a time option. This post is in no means sponsored and all links are not referral or affiliate, so I'm making nor getting anything from this. Almost every review I've seen for this box have been sponsored so I just wanted to make it clear this is in no way sponsored. Not that it would change my option. As I always want to be 100% honest in any review.

This is the second time that I've gotten this subscription box for Pixie. She loved everything from last month's box still plays with everything. This month she got a monster mouth from Jolly Pets which is valued at $14 that you can put treats inside of it. She has ripped off all of the teeth so it doesn't really hold treats anymore but she is still playing with it. And the other two is Boomerang valued at $18. Though I thought she wouldn't enjoy it, she actually has chewed it multiple times over her favorite antlers.

As for the treats, I'm not sure about one of the two things she got instead the box since it has rice flour and she is not good with rice. So I'm just testing it out as sometimes it's fine and other times it's not. If she gets an upset stomach, my roommate's dog will get the sweet potato krisps. I do have a grain free subscription with them since rice is a grain, so in theory it should be fine. If it's not I'm going to have to contact BullyMake about it since I can't verify my subscription online as I have no idea where on their website to find your account.