Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review

This is the first game in the Uncharted series that I have ever played and I loved it. If I had a PlayStation I would get the other games so I could play those as well. I played this while I was pet sitting for a friend and he let me use his PlayStation while he was away. This game like the previous three follows Nathan Drake, an adventurer who has recently decided to take a break from his previous life with his journalist wife, Elena. As well as Nate’s once thought dead brother, Sam. However you don’t learn that right away.

You start out the game controlling what seems like a cut scene which is something I seriously love about the game. Because I didn’t even realize that it so seamlessly switched between the two. Unlike every other game that makes it obvious that’s happening. And the game continues to do that throughout the game. Which is so gorgeous that I seriously felt like I was playing a movie but controlling it at the same time. Granted you don’t get different choices for things. You’re just playing the main character as they go through the movie: A Thief’s End.

I also loved how the game would jump around in the timeline of them when Sam and Nate were kids to when Nate thought Sam died to the present, where you are trying to find a fortune left behind in Libertalia by a the greatest pirates in history in order to save Sam from the person who broke him out of prison. And they have to get the fortune before Rafe, their previous partner on this quest. SPOILERS! You learn that Sam actually was just released by Rafe and doesn’t owe anyone anything. He is just working with Rafe and dragged his brother back into the quest because he wanted his brother’s help to find the treasure.

The game mechanics are very simple. You jump around and climb cliffs for the majority of the time. You also get to drive a sweet jeep at one point. The climbing not only gets you into different areas of the map but can also serve as places to hide from Rafe’s crew, who are trying to kill you. Speaking of Rafe’s crew, you can approach those fights in one of two matters: stealth or brute force. Stealth being you sneak around all the guards and then quietly murder everyone by dragging them into the bushes. Or brute force by just going into kill everyone loudly with guns. Now I tried so hard to be stealth throughout the game, but I fail almost always near the end and just have to switch into brute force.

The scenery of the game is just overall breath taking. I loved every location in the game: Panama, Italy, Scotland, and Madagascar. And the dialogue is on-point. You can chose whatever remark you want to but your character doesn’t cut off whoever is talking like a lot of games do. They will make it roll together to sound like a realistic conversation. Overall, I think the game developers did an extremely wonderful job at this game! I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’ve played this game, what did you think of it?

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