Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Swatches & Review

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So one brand I really have been wanting to try the lipstick of is Urban Decay. Now their Vice collection has 100 shades, but there is no way at this point in my life I can afford to buy all 100 shades at $17 a bullet. But for the holiday season, they did release a stock pile of 30 shades for $325. Which makes each bullet around $10. And that's a lot more do-able in a quick one time purchase. Though I'm positive I'll probably work my way until I have all 100 shades. As I LOVE lipstick. And yes that might be a bit much for some people, but I honestly would aim to wearing a different shade every day. Including the black, white, and blue. But those were not included in the stockpile.

Now this stockpile is limited edition and includes everything from bold brights and dark, sexy shades to super-versatile neutrals. The Vice collection does have six different finishes: Mega Matte, Comfort Matte, Cream, Metallized, Sheer, and Sheer Shimmer. According to UD the Vice Lipstick has a super-creamy texture, rich payout and superior color dispersion. And you only need one swipe to see the pigments glide smoothly across your lips and make them feel amazing. And this is something I wanted to test myself.

Shades in UD Limited Edition Stockpile

Mega Matte

Pandemonium Lip Swatch

714 Lip Swatch

  • Pandemonium: Bright purple
  • 714: Bright red

Comfort Matte

Afterdark Lip Swatch

Bittersweet Lip Swatch

Psycho Lip Swatch

Menace Lip Swatch

Backtalk Lip Swatch

Heartless Lip Swatch

Disturbed Lip Swatch

Stark Naked Lip Swatch

  • Afterdark: Medium-dark berry pink
  • Bittersweet: Bright pink-purple
  • Psycho: Bright rose w/iridescent blue micro-sparkle
  • Menace: Medium fuchsia-pink
  • Backtalk: Mauve-nude pink
  • Heartless: Baby pink
  • Disturbed: Deep brick red
  • Stark Naked: Light nude


Firebird Lip Swatch

F-Bomb Lip Swatch

Gash Lip Swatch

Rock Steady Lip Swatch

Manic Lip Swatch

Weirdo Lip Swatch

Rapture Lip Swatch

EZ Lip Swatch

ZZ Lip Swatch

Naked Lip Swatch

Insanity Lip Swatch

  • Firebird: Deep fuchsia
  • F-Bomb: Classic red
  • Gash: Deep red with tonal shimmer
  • Rock Steady: Deep wine red
  • Manic: Soft wine
  • Weirdo: Pale baby pink
  • Rapture: Dusty rose
  • EZ: Bright red-orange
  • ZZ: Soft pink-purple
  • Naked: Nude-pink
  • Insanity: Soft warm nude


Big Bang Lip Swatch

Conspiracy Lip Swatch

Amulet Lip Swatch

Trance Lip Swatch

Gubby Lip Swatch

  • Big Bang: Bright pink sparkle
  • Conspiracy: Plum-bronze shimmer
  • Amulet: Metallic brick rose
  • Trance: Nude-mauve shimmer
  • Gubby: Frosted light pink


Sheer Anarchy Lip Swatch

Snitch Lip Swatch

Sheer Liar Lip Swatch

  • Sheer Anarchy: Fuchsia
  • Snitch: Pale coral-pink
  • Sheer Liar: Pink-nude

Sheer Shimmer

Seismic Lip Swatch

  • Seismic: Plum-purple with red shimmer

Swatching Video

Overall Thoughts

I really love the Vice lipsticks and will be purchasing more of the collection in the future. Of the thirty that in the stockpile, my absolute favorite ones were: F-Bomb, Gash, Rock Steady, Disturbed, and Conspiracy. As I am a sucker for reds and dark shades. The formula throughout all 30 shades is consistent for each of their finishes, and are super comfortable on the lips.

What is your favorite shades from the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick collection?

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