Ways to Add an Oversized Plant in Your Home

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One thing that’s insanely popular these days is adding a large, oversized plant somewhere in your house. When I’m scrolling through interior designs on Pinterest almost every picture has one of these featured. And I do love me some plants in the house, it just doesn’t feel like home without them. But I am not a good plant parent, so a lot of mine are not real… and by mine I mean my future plants as there’s no room in my Harry Potter closet room for any plants. But I wanted to go over how to add this to your home, as I think these oversized plants look incredible.

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  • Make a relaxing corner. It gives a calm and relaxing spot in your home where you can daydream or cozy up with a good book.
  • Add it next to a window. An oversized plant next to a window can give off that forest feel or being in nature vibe. Similar to the previous one, add a comfy armchair that will make a perfect reading space near this nature inspired spot in your home.
  • Decorate your dressing area with one. I love seeing these pictures on Pinterest of a large plant next to a clothing rack or dressing area. It looks like a cute tropical boutique.
  • Mix them with other exotic elements. From having an oversized plant next to tropical paintins, raffia furniture to give your home a tropical resort type of feel.
  • Choose them for your hallway. Mix a splendid oversized plant with a cute bench or a closet for shoes from your hallway. Don’t forget to add a statement exotic rug and dreamy deco items in Earth tones.
  • Place it on a minimal nightstand or dining table. Why not add oversized plants on your nightstand or dining table? They will look spectacular and can be easily accessorized with minimal items. Place them on a retro inspire nightstand and even a modern one and you will see a wow effect to any of your rooms.
  • Behind a bar cart. This will add an extra flare to your cart and make it blend in more with your home especially if it’s in a random location in a living room or dining room.

How do you use oversized plants in your home? Or what type of oversized plant is your favorite?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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