Week in Lipstick: 2/5/17 - 2/11/17

For the rest of the year but not including December, I'm going to be doing a week in lipstick. I have seen other bloggers do this before and I love the idea. One it forces me to wear different lipsticks every day and two it's just a nice way to quickly summarize my thoughts on each of them. So these are going to be happening on every Saturday unless that day falls on the first or last day of the month as those are already dedicated days. In which case it will be the day after.  And as for why I decided I won't be doing this in December is merely because I want to concentrate all those posts towards Christmas/Winter themed items like I have for the past two years.

NYX Liquid Suede Jet Set, Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lipstick I Can Bare it, ColourPop Ultra Satin in Marshmallow, and ColourPop Ultra Satin in Calypso.

NYX Liquid Suede Jet Set, Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Lipstick I Can Bare it, ColourPop Ultra Satin in Marshmallow, and ColourPop Ultra Satin in Calypso.

Sunday: 2/5/17

I had a retirement party for my Aunt and Super Bowl Sunday, so I wanted a lipstick that was going to look good all day and stay put. So I used ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lip in Calypso, which is a good mid-tone pink. It does wear over the day but even though it does transfer off it still looks like nothing was lost… that is unless you're rubbing your lips.

Monday: 2/6/17

I was half asleep when I got ready for the day as my roommate was dropping me off at work way before my shift even began since my car was being borrowed by my mom. So I grabbed another ColourPop Ultra Satin Liquid Lipstick in the shade Marshmallow, which is a grey lavender, as it matched my sweatshirt that I was wearing. I love this formula from ColourPop, it's way more comfortable than the Ultra Matte. Also for being what most would consider an unwearable color, I really think this is a flattering shade that doesn't look too out of the park for everyday wear.

Tuesday: 2/7/17

On Tuesday I had to work at the Pet Hotel and my main job, so of course I had to wear Lipsense by SeneGence in Mulled Wine. I really need to get more shades of these as I love them so much! It seriously starts put all day without drying out my lips or wearing overtime as long as I remember to reapply the gloss topper.

Wednesday: 2/8/17

After several days of wearing liquid lipsticks, my lips were a little dry and craving a break. So I decided just to wear my favorite lip gloss formula, which is Tanya Burr Cosmetics in Chocolate Fondue. Which is a lovely sheer chocolate brown that leaves my lips feeling good all day. This shade looks almost nude and helped counteract my very heavy smoky eye look that I was going for on Wednesday.

Thursday: 2/9/17

On Thursday, I decided I wanted to wear another lip gloss from Tanya Burr but this time in the shade Champagne Toast which is a very sheer pink gloss with flecks of glitter. And I mainly chose this gloss on the fact that it was the only thing in my backpack as I was having a very no makeup day. Sometimes you just need one of those every now and then.

Friday: 2/10/17

Friday was another no makeup day save for my brows and some Wet N Wild Mega Last Liquid Lipstick in I Can Bare It on my lips. This formula is a bit drying but lasts around eight hours which is perfect for at work. Add on that it doesn't transfer when dry and you have a match made in heaven... granted that will be all ruin as you eat so you will have to reapply the liquid lipstick later in the day.

Saturday: 2/11/17   

As for today, I decided to be really bold in my lipstick compared to the rather natural and reds of the week. So I went with NYX Liquid Suede in Jet Set. When I originally bought this shade I figured I would probably end up only wearing it once or twice, but to be honest I wear this shade on almost a monthly or bi-monthly basis. I think it's a very wearable shade and looks nice on your lips for a good portion of the day.