What I Got for Christmas

I had a great time spending Christmas with my family. I hope you all had an amazing holiday as well. I thought it would be fun to show what I all got for Christmas. Now there’s one item I am not including which is a winter coat my mom got me. And that’s mainly because I got it before Christmas because my mom didn’t want me to freeze before the holiday. I also got a bunch of rags and dish towels from my sister that I didn’t photograph.

You might be asking, who got you underwear and why did you photograph it with everything else? To answer those questions, I got them from my roommate Rose. It is sort of a joke because my dog eats her socks so I got her socks. And her dog eats my underwear if I don’t close the door to my closet where all my dirty clothes pile up. So she got some new ones for me. And I thought it was funny because we didn’t mention it before we exchanged gifts. She also got me the Eevee evolution t-shirt, Poison Ivy sunglasses, and signed copy of Series of Unfortunate Events The Bad Beginning. Which was one of my favorite books to read growing up.

My sister got me a new choker with a sparkly cross, a hobby lobby gift card, rags as mentioned earlier, two hats with fuzzy tops, and a new wallet with arrow and feathers that says “Follow Your Arrow”. I love it because it looks more grown up then the one I had previously, has my favorite symbols, and holds everything I need it to.

My mom got me an Amazon Echo Dot which I can’t wait to test out but first I’m waiting on a replacement phone for my completely broken iPhone that doesn’t work anymore. She also got me two coloring books, one Doctor Who and the other Harry Potter, with some color pencils. And lastly a microwave potato express so I can make baked potatoes in only 5 minutes instead of waiting an hour. Which makes me super happy because I hate waiting an hour to cook a baked potato, so I often end up not making them when all my other foods can be made in a lot shorter time span. I completely misplaced these items when I was bringing everything back so I’ll have to go digging some more to find them but didn’t have them when taking photos.

An old co-worker of mine, Kit, got me an Amazon gift card. And my aunt/godmother got me a holiday gift card.


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