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What I’m Planning on Reading in 2023


Alright, in all seriousness, this is not everything I’m planning on reading. I’m no doubt going to read a lot on Kindle Unlimited, and a bunch of other things. But these are more the physical books on my bookshelf that I never got to for one reason or another that I plan on attempting to read in 2023. I also don’t have a set reading goal, I’m just going to read whatever I’m going to read. Setting a number of books will either lead to stress or I’ll be vastly wrong. Every year I’ve read more and more, but I also can’t predict if anything is going to come up in the future that will change my reading habits. If I try to match 2022, I’ll be wrong as I was unemployed for several months and I had limitless time to read. So, using that as a benchmark is going to be inaccurate. This is why I’m just stating some of the books I plan on reading for sure.

So, what are those books?

Of these, I have read the first book but didn’t finish the series so I’m going to restart it. Others, if there are sequels then those are also on the list, I’m just not listing every single book. Mainly, as I pulled these off my bookcase and I can only carry so many books. As I mentioned, there are more books on this list as I know authors are going to be releasing things, but these are just the books physically on my bookcase right now. I have several books pre-ordered that I plan on reading in 2023 and more in my TBR that I’m waiting to order once the physical copy is made available.

What are you planning on reading in 2023?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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