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What to Do When Anxiety/Depression Makes You Paranoid


Over the many years of dealing with anxiety and depression, I’ve had a far amount of paranoia that’s been driven by these mental disorders. And it took a long time to realize those two concepts were connected. As these aren’t just psychological disorders but biological as well since it effects your brain chemistry. From neurotransmitters for mood and control emotions to misfire, and affect the way you think. And it take make you convinced that everyone is against you or talking behind your back much like paranoia. So what do you do when this happens? How do you handle those situations?

Don’t Bottle The Thoughts Up

One of the first things your mind tells you once these types of thoughts pop up is not to mention it to anyone as they “won’t get it.” Or at least, that’s almost immediately the first thing that always comes up in my mind. And this has lead me into a lot of issues. To the extent, I don’t call things out or mention if I think sometimes off because sometimes I think it’s just the paranoia or depression or anxiety rather than reality. If I had called it out, things probably would’ve turned out differently.

For an example, a few months ago I was in a depressive episode of my bipolar disorder and I thought my roommate was out to get me or hated me. And I was annoyed by it, but never said anything ’cause I thought it was just my depression talking rather than reality. But if I had mentioned it when the thoughts started happening, it probably wouldn’t have blown up as badly as it did. As I would’ve really known if it was in my head or something really going on.

So take this example as even more reason to say something. As almost 90% of the time, it is something in your head but even if it is in your head letting it fester can destroy your relationships. It’s not worth it so speak up and talk to whoever you need to.

Get Professional Help

As much as I want to stay in my nice little bubble and not bothering others, it doesn’t help with depression. If anything it makes it worse as most of the time, you can silent the noise in your mind that’s making you paranoid. You need assistance or guidance to help you sort through everything. Either with a therapist or doctor, who can get you the help you need. From brain exercises to medications if needed. As this can help you get back to your daily routine. Or help you sort through the thoughts swarming in your mind so you don’t feel paranoid anymore.

Stay Busy

One thing that I generally find that helps me stop or silent the thoughts of paranoia with anxiety/depression, is to stay busy. Either with playing or walking my dog. Or taking on more projects with work and hobbies to keep my mind from spinning on all the theories or whatever the lies of depression are coming up with. ‘Cause if you stop and let your mind spin on whatever it is, it will just get worse and worse. And then the rain cloud of paranoia will become a storm.

If you experience paranoia from depression or anxiety, how do you deal with or treat it?


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