What Your Acne is Telling You

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Ever wonder what your acne is trying to tell you? It goes away then just pops right back up in almost the exact same spot. Well it might be pointing so a very specific thing and once that’s dealt with you won’t have to deal with it again. As getting rid of acne isn’t as easy as just a killer spot treatment or changing your skin regime. Sometimes it’s an internal issue that won’t clear until it’s been handled.


Acne appearing on your forehead are often a sign of poor digestion due to toxins and lack of water. This can be solved by drinking water throughout the day and avoid fizzy and caffeinated drinks as much as possible. Cozying up to a big mug of green tea may be helpful, too, since it’s packed with antioxidants that neutralize toxins.


Acne on your t-zone is linked to the liver. This can be caused by alcoholics or liver damage from causes like cancer sometimes develop a red nose.

Around the eyes

Acne in this region points to your kidneys. Conditions like dark under-eye circles may signify that the kidneys are malfunctioning or that you’re dehydrated.

Upper cheeks

The tops of the cheeks are linked to the lungs. Inhaling air pollution can contribute to this. Externally though, bacteria on the surface of your cell phone or sleeping on a dirty pillowcase can be big culprits.

Lower cheeks

Poor dental hygiene. Solution is to regularly brush, floss and avoid sugary foods and drinks will improve oral hygiene and blemishes associated with it.


Your nose is also linked to your heart, swelling or bulbous changes of the nose signify high blood pressure. To remedy this, diet modification is key. Avoid energy drinks, reduce salt intake and eat more fruits and veggies to promote heart health and low blood pressure.


The ears are also associated with the kidneys—breaking out here may signal dehydration. Make sure to drink more water throughout the day, and avoid consuming excess salt.


Linked to the small intestine. Again, diet changes can make a huge difference. Like staying away from dairy products and oily meals, adopting healthier eating habits, specifically ones that include more fruits and vegetables, to keep digestion running smoothly and nixing related skin problems.

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