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What Your Home Design Style Says About You


Today’s post is brought to you by Tracey Clayton.

‘Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.’ – Gianni Versace

This famous Gianni Versace quote can be easily translated into interior design as well. Your home décor isn’t, or at least, is not supposed to be a mere reflection of current fads. More frequently, it speaks about who you are and how you like to live your life. It is the picture of yourself you are presenting to the world. So, considering the most popular interior design styles, let’s see what kind of picture you are sending.

Timeless design

If you are a fan of the traditional approach to interior design, then you are a bit conservative or perhaps very appreciative of history. You love a space that makes you feel comfortable and calm, and there is nothing wrong with that. The things in your apartment, just as in your life, are clean, orderly and predictable. You don’t like surprises or anarchy. You buy your furniture in sets and each piece must be highly functional.

Mid-century modern

You’ve binge-watched all seven seasons of Mad Men, haven’t you? And you’ve probably envied Don Draper on his Upper East Side apartment so much. Mid-century modern interior design says a lot about you. Persons who prefer this style usually know a lot about philosophy and art, and they are familiar with many interior designers. This doesn’t mean you are pretentious, only that you appreciate the aesthetics of clean lines, organic curves and contrasting materials.

Scandinavian inspiration

One of the most popular interior design styles of today, Scandinavian style, is famous for its minimalistic approach, clean lines, functionality, cool colors and a lot of light. If you are a fan of this design direction, you are probably also a devotee of order, pragmatism, schedule and serenity. Still, unlike the traditional minimalistic approach, Scandinavian décor does include some warm and stylish elements, like shaggy rugs, cowhide, knitted blankets, striking pendant lamps and attention-grabbing stylish designer mirrors.

Bohemian chic

Your favorite city in the whole world is Marrakech, but you feel like the entire planet is your home. You dream about picking up your backpack and traveling around Africa, South America or Asia. You are full of wanderlust and you are translating that feeling to your home. That’s why it is filled with ethnic patterns, travel souvenirs, dream catchers, organic fabrics and hand-crafted items.

Industrial décor

Advocates of industrial décor love to be in the center of things, all the time. That’s why they rarely live far from the city’s busiest zones, or if they do, they try to compensate for it with interior design. They’re urban dwellers proud of their artisan foods, craft beer and pour-over coffee. Exposed pipes and ducts are no problem for them, on the contrary. They also enjoy the presence of metal on walls, wood surfaces and retro furniture.


Unlike the industrial-enthusiasts, rustic-style lovers adore the great outdoors with all the gifts of nature. If they could, they would live on a real farm. If you are one of the followers of this style, you probably expect a distinct warmth from your home. This warmth is introduced through wooden beams (a lot of them), raw wood and stone, warm neutrals, simple natural fabrics, sheepskins, fireplaces and accessories from nature.

Shabby chic/cottage style

Love the relaxed, carefree style of shabby chic décor? You must enjoy spending long weekends on the beach or you have fond memories of visiting your grandma’s country cottage during summer holidays. Pair that up with DIY-enthusiasm and you’re the perfect candidate for introducing this interior design style into your home. All you need are some typical representatives of this décor approach like slipcovered furniture, distressed furnishing, soft color palettes, floral prints, rumples and collectibles.

These were just some general ideas of what your interior design could say about you, but the key lies in your individuality, because it should represent you as a person, and maybe you are a peculiar combination of Scandinavian and Bohemian. Who are we to judge?

About the author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about fashion, home décor and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

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