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Some makeup looks just work better with a specific wig, or I just can’t get my hair to work the way I want it to so throwing on a wig is a great alternative to complete a look. Also a lot of the times on weekends I wear wigs all day long rather than doing something with my hair. Not that I hate my natural hair, but sometimes I just want something different. And instead of dying my hair every other week, a quick wig is just better. So I thought I would just do a quick wig collection post.

All of my wigs I get either off of Amazon or Bellami, I’ll put a link to each of the wigs underneath the photos. I only have wigs from two brands, not because I don’t trust any others but I haven’t had issues with either of the brands for their wigs. Plus they are somewhat affordable without feeling or looking cheap. None of these are affiliate or referral links in case you were wondering.

Also you’ll probably notice they are all pretty flat towards the top, and that’s mainly as I almost always wear these with a beanie or hat of some kind.

Bellami Synthetic Wig Zarah 14″ Body Wave

This is a blond wig with a beige and champagne toned root. Like most of my wigs this is lace front wig with a mono top. You get a mesh wig cap and antistatic storage bag to store the wig with. The Zarah wig costs $69.99.

Bellami x Glam & Gore Synthetic Wig Clarice 200G

This wig is the most expensive wig that I own as it costs $99.99, but considering it’s Mykie’s (Glam & Gore) collab with Bellami I was fine with paying that amount. Clarice is a sweet peach/rose gold wig with a wavy, bob style at 18″ in length. Clarice is a lace front wig as well. The weight of the hair is 200G.

Bellami x Alinna Synthetic Wig Raven 15″ 150G

Another collaboration wig and the last one I own from Bellami. I was unaware of Makeup by Alinna prior to getting this wig. I more went for Raven as it’s roughly the length I love which is 15″ (I prefer wigs 14″-18″ in length) and it was jet black with a wavy texture. As a lot of times I’ve wanted a pure black wig for a while so when I saw this one I just had to have it. Plus it was only $69.99 and is lace front.

K’ryssma Wavy Burgundy Ombre Wig

This wig I’m use whenever I seriously miss my burgundy color hair. This wig is feels the most unrealistic synthetic hair compared to the rest in my collection, but you can’t see that strange texture while you are wearing it. This lash front wig from K’ryssma is $34.99.

K’ryssma Straight, Long Blonde Wig with Light Brown Roots

This is the longest wig that I own and I did cut it quite a bit off to make it more of the length that I love as I found it was a bit too long. I’m not sure exactly how long it is or was since they don’t specify that on the listing on Amazon. This is the second wig of this style that I have gotten from this brand as the first one I accidentally destroyed with coke, but couldn’t recover it after trying to wash it out. This lace front wig is $35.99 on Amazon.

K’ryssma Ash Brown Ombre Wig

This wig I have worn in a lot of photos on Instagram as I got this purely for that so I didn’t have to style my hair and is really the wig that got me into getting a variety. The roots is black which I do think is a bit stark compared to the ash brown so I often wear it with a beanie. This lace front wig is $37.99 on Amazon.

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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