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What’s on My Beauty Wishlist?


Credit: Popsugar

It’s no surprise I love makeup and all things cruelty-free beauty. And I’m trying not to purchase any beauty item for the next few months. And there are so many launches happening so there’s a bunch of things on my wishlist. I’m trying to be very picky over which products I add to my collection as it’s getting a little out of control and I have very little space left. So I don’t really need anything new. Still I have things I would love and here are those items.

Eyeshadow Palettes

I can never have enough eyeshadow palettes, I seriously would love to have every variation of shade so I can create any type of look. So there are quite a few items on my list that are palettes. Now some of them I probably already have similar products but that doesn’t stop the fact that I want these palettes.

Setting Powders

I have been getting more into using setting powders to lock in my concealer under my eyes. A step i never used to do. Same goes for baking though I don’t really do this one yet except for when I’m going a heavy eyeshadow look like a smokey eye so it’s easier to get rid of the fall out. These are all products I’ve heard great things about, but have not personally tried yet as I’m still looking for my holy grail setting powder.

There are other things on my wishlist, but I thought I would just limit it by those that could fit into these two categories. What’s on your beauty wishlist?

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