What’s On My Binge Watch List for Netflix

I never watch TV when it’s on, so there are a lot of shows that I need to watch as well as the ones that are from Netflix. I’m trying to get through all of them but I’m not sure if I can manage that before the next season of everything comes out. But honestly, I sort of love that at the same time because it gives me more to watch since the only way I watch shows is if I binge watch them.

So these are all the shows that I have on my binge list:

  • Orange is the New Black: Currently in the middle of watching this with my roommate, Rose.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: I need to watch season 2 and on from this show.
  • The 100: Currently watching season 4 of this show, it’s seriously one of my favorites at the moment.
  • Once Upon a Time: I’m waiting on season 6 to come to Netflix then I’m going to binge that next.
  • Pretty Little Liars: I need to complete season 5 then catch up on this show as they are having their finale.
  • The Vampire Diaries & The Originals: I haven’t seen either of these since it was announced Elena was leaving, but I really loved these shows so I should honestly check up.
  • Arrow: I think I left off at season 2 so there are a lot of episodes that I can watch. And I loved this show, I just never got around to watching more of it past season 1.
  • Grey’s Anatomy: I haven’t watched since Derek left the show, but this has been one of my feel-good episodes.
  • Supernatural: I am very behind on this show as I just didn’t have time to catch up but I have seen the latest season finale, so I know I seriously need to catch up as it got good again after the last time I watched.
  • Reign: Another show I just ran out of time to watch around season 2, so I really want to get caught up since this is one of my favorite time periods to read/watch.
  • Beauty & The Beast: I’ve only seen season 1 but I just realized they have 4 seasons so I really have a lot of episodes to watch.
  • Revenge: I loved watching this show and as you can tell from basically every other show on this list, I just ran out of time so I think I left off somewhere in season 2.

What’s on Your Watch List?


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