What’s the Best Lipstick Colour for Your Skin Tone?

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Picking out the right lipstick shade can transform your entire look from ordinary to glamourous. However, sometimes even though that deep brown may look eye-catching, it can look seriously unflattering on your skin tone. This is because every lipstick colour appears different on fair, medium, olive and dark skin tones, which means you should be well familiar with your own skin tone if you don’t want to waste money on wrong lipstick colours.

Determine your undertone

You can have either yellow (warmer) or pink (cooler) undertone, and before picking the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone, you must determine the undertone. One way to do it is to look at the colour of the veins on your wrist. Blue veins indicate that your undertone is cooler. Green veins, on the other hand, signify that your undertone is yellow. However, the colour may sometimes seem both blue and green, and it can be difficult to determine the exact shade, in which case you are a proud owner of a neutral skin tone. Warmer lipstick colours such as orangey red will go great with warm undertones, while blue or purple hues will flatter a cool undertone the most. Shades which are too light can easily make you look washed out if you have a cool undertone, so avoid going for beige and nude hues.

Olive skin

Another way to determine which lipstick will look the most flattering on you is based on your skin tone. Red orange colours are bold and they’ll go perfectly with olive skin tones. A vibrant lipstick colour is all you need to look dressed up, and bring your otherwise casual outfit to an entirely new level. Upgrade your plain make-up look with a red orange hue and save yourself the trouble of putting too much make-up on. With this pigmented shade, all you need is a little bit of mascara and some blush to look fabulous. Pink, nude and various red shades will also look flattering on an olive skin tone.

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Medium skin

Mauve-brown is just the right shade for a skin tone that has a mixture of both cool and warm undertones. When you want that natural pout, but with a bit of sass, a nice mauve shade is all you need. Rosy pink and berry hues are also perfect for neutral skin tone, so don’t be afraid do go for some bold burgundy lipstick next time you’re on a date. However, if you want to make your lips fuller, stay away from matte lipstick, but rather choose those with glossy or satin finish.

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Fair skin

Nothing looks better than a beautiful pinkish pout on a fair skin tone. Therefore, if your skin is rather pale, a true pink shade should be your number one choice. If you have a cool undertone as well, a classic red will look amazing on you. A red lipstick with a blue undertone will also make your teeth look whiter, making your smile stunning. However, unless your teeth are healthy, no lipstick will make them pretty. Therefore, it’s important that you visit your orthodontist regularly and make sure your teeth are straight and cavity free. In case you are diagnosed with crooked teeth, your orthodontist will probably recommend wearing adult braces which can help you get your flawless smile. Only then will the lipstick be able to bring out the true beauty of your teeth.

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Dark skin

Deep berry tones and deep purple shades go best with dark skin tones. Anything too light or too pale won’t look natural on dark skin tones, so make sure you avoid using nude and baby pink or baby peach tones. Stick with the good old plum hues to complement your dark complexion, and make your lips pop.

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Even though that nude lipstick may seem fabulous on your favourite celebrity, it doesn’t mean it’ll look as flattering on your skin tone. Therefore, before you splurge the money on your next lipstick, make sure you know which shade goes best with which skin tone, and avoid spending a fortune on wrong lipstick colours ever again.

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