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Which Brands Have the Best & Most Consistent Eyeshadow Formula


Over the last three years, I have been cruelty free when it came to makeup. And in that time frame, I have tried a lot of different brands and eyeshadow palettes. Other than monthly favorites or reviews after I’ve tried the palettes for a while, I never really went back through the palettes. I mean I’ve done ranking the palettes from insert brand name here. But never put them up against each other, just used them for numerous tutorials without going back into the formula. Since I’m on a low buy year, I’m challenging myself to go over different topics about makeup that I just haven’t done in the past.

So today, I’m going to be going over the brands that I have tried out over the years that I think have some of the best formulas but is also consistent across every palette. Meaning any brand that has a flopped palette or significant differences in formula between palettes is excluded. Also some brands I’ve only tried a palette or two so I won’t be including those as I cannot speak for the rest of their palettes. Same goes with brands that only have a single eyeshadow palette on the market currently. Also these brands are in no particular order.


I think it’s no surprise on my blog that ColourPop is on the list. I have not tried a single eyeshadow palette from that where there were issues with the formula. I also don’t notice any differences between mattes, shimmers, metallics, or glitters across their entire collection. And I have almost every single palette that has been released to date. This also goes for their individual pressed shadows, they are the same quality as the ones included in their palettes. I also rarely experience fall out on my face from these shadows when I’m applying them. Even when I’m heavily packing on the shadows.


The makeup brand that got me hooked on eyeshadow. Before Tarte, I honestly cannot recall a time where I wore anything more than eyeliner and mascara on my eyes. But Tarte changed that. And over the years I have never experienced any issues with their shadows. They are reliable. Sure they don’t go crazy on colorful shadows, but at this point that’s the aesthetic of them. I believe they have released a colorful palette but I have not tried that. But knowing how their shadows apply, I wouldn’t think there would be any issues with it. Since they have had muted colored shadows in their past palettes.

Juvia’s Place

Hello large pans, affordable price, highly pigmented, and blending dream palettes. I love Juvia’s Place palettes. I’m 99.9% sure I have all of them and I love them all. I have never experienced any palette from them that I thought was overly similar to one they’ve already released as some other brands have done in the past. And as I mentioned, each palette has the same great quality as the last. Even if they are the mini verisons which is really just every other brands normal size.

Dominique Cosmetics

These eyeshadows are like butter. If I had to go down to only two palettes, I’m sorry to all of my favorites from other brands I got to go with the ones from Dominique Cosmetics. The Latte Palette is a great everyday neutral palette with a pop of pink and blue, and The Lemonade Palette is your fun colorful one. Sure I would be missing out on a lot of other tones but I know my makeup would be looking great every single day of the week. I don’t have the Berries & Creme Palette yet, but if the other two palettes have anything to say about the quality of the shadows I can bet that one is just as dreamy.

What brands do you think have the best eyeshadow formula that’s also consistent throughout all of their palettes?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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