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Which is Worse? Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook or Stardew Valley’s Mayor Lewis


I don’t entirely know why I decided to write about this today. It was a thought that came into my head, while I was cleaning up my island in Animal Crossing. Which Mayor or Government Official in a video game is worse between Tom Nook and Mayor Lewis? One of them gets a very bad reputation while the other is hit or miss on people’s opinions. So, I thought I would compare the two and then come up with a conclusion to this question.

Animal Crossing: Tom Nook

Stardew Valley: Mayor Lewis

  • Gives you expansions and renovations on interest-free loans.
    • The first loan makes use of Nook Miles (the currency you earn by working on your island) instead of bells.
    • They might be expensive but he warns you upfront about the cost, and it doesn’t change over time with how much you own. For a loan shark, that’s pretty good rates.
  • In charge of all infrastructure of the island.
  • Arguably exploits child labor with Timmy and Tommy, but could also be argued that he supports his sons’ dreams and ambitions.
  • Donates 90% of his profits to an orphanage in another city according to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and doesn’t boast about those contributions.
  • Available around the clock.
  • Did nothing to prevent the ruin of Pelican Town
    • Allowed the community center to fall apart.
    • Allowed various areas to become inaccessible or unusable: the beach and the quarry.
    • Doesn’t repair services like the bus line or help with Willy’s boat which are used to take citizens to the desert and Ginger Island.
  • Uses the taxes from citizens to create a golden statue of himself. If you expose the statue, he will hide it back in his bedroom and then send you hush money.
  • Keeps relationship with Marnie a secret for his “reputation” as he states during one of his heart events that your player overhears. Not only that but he:
    • Leaves his shorts in her bedroom and requests you get them back for her.
    • Sleeps with Marnie in a bush around midnight rather than taking her on nice dates as she deserves.
    • Literally gets mad at players if they attempt to expose the relationship either by wearing his underwear around town or showcasing them during the county fair.
  • Can only be found during specific times of the day.

Of the two, I would say Mayor Lewis is the worse offender.

While yes, Tom Nook can be seen as a loan shark to come degree, he at least wants to improve the community. Sure he’s money-hungry too, but he at least gives back and does stuff for the villagers. Meanwhile, Mayor Lewis is only out for himself. He collects all the money for the city and uses it for his own benefit. He could’ve repaired the community center, or done a number of community projects with it, but he doesn’t. How the man has been a long-time mayor of that city is a mystery because he’s not a “good” guy by any means. He allows the player to oversee the restoration of Pelican Town with the help of Junimos or Jojo Corporation while continuing to collect all the taxes for himself.

Who do you think is worse: Mayor Lewis or Tom Nook?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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