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OneShot & Life is Strange: Who Will You Save?


Two games that I really enjoy playing are Life is Strange and OneShot. Both games end very similarly, you have to choose between saving the world or saving your friend. Now OneShot does that trope a tad bit differently but we’ll get into that in a moment.



This game you technically only get one chance at completing the game. You are technically considered a god of the world and guide Niko through a world to restore their sun thus “saving it.” However, in this game even if you choose to restore the sun that doesn’t prevent the world from dying. All you do is bring comfort to the citizens as they die. You learn this during the course of the game that the citizens though they crave the light it will do nothing to save them from dying, but will make them feel so much better. At the end of the game you can either have Niko place the sun, which is a light bulb, into place thus restoring it and bringing light to the dying world and leave Niko to die with the world, or refuse to and save Niko. Then the character is brought onto your desktop and saved from the dying world. And will not be in the game if you try to replay it, but you can trick the game in a way to allow you to replay. Hell if you don’t do that, the game won’t launch. Because you only had one chance. So choose carefully!

Life is Strange

In Life is Strange, you have a similar choice to make. You play as Max who has the ability to reset and travel through time by going through photographs. Max discovers this when she saves her childhood best friend, Chloe from a gun shot wound. However, this creates all the problems in the world as Max tempered with natural order. So freak weather start happening and ends off with a giant tornado that will destroy the city along with it’s inhabitants. Now you get the choice to save your childhood best friend/girl friend if you choose that during your game-play, Chloe, or the sacrifice her to save the city and set everything right again. Now Chloe dies a lot during the game but Max always saves her, but in the end you can reset everything back to the beginning and allow Chloe to die. Or screw Arcadia Bay and keep Chloe alive.

So which would you choose in these games? Damn the world/city or your friend?


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