Why I Don’t Really Purchase From Lush Anymore

This has nothing to do against Lush when it comes to the things they do from fighting animal cruelty and charities to better the environment. I used to LOVE Lush and got products from them often through my roommate who used to work there. I’ve done a lot of posts about their products in the past but I haven’t really gotten anything for the last year. I did get some for Christmas but other than that everything from them is around three years old. So I thought I would just discuss why I don’t figure them so much on my blog anymore.

These are the main reasons that ’caused me to fall out of love with Lush and just use up what I have left:

  • No longer living with my roommate who worked at Lush, so I no longer was exposed to the brand every day when I came home from work. And they used to ask a lot of her for nothing, including memorizing details on every single product down to the ingredients and running their social media of the store. I helped her with a bunch of that so second I was disconnected, that’s sort of how I just disconnected overall from the brand and not really want/need anything from them.
  • The only Lush that was close to me was where my ex-roommate worked and I don’t want to run into her. Even if it’s just to purchase products and not chat.
  • Being pestered in the store, I get trying to sell products and up-selling to make bottom line. But practically putting items in your hands or basket to get you to buy more is a bit ridiculous. I’m anti-social a good majority of the time so I hate that experience when going into the store. I seriously fell like I’m being stalked in the store, and I’ve been stalked before so I especially hate that feeling.
  • The clean up for bath bombs is ridiculous. I love watching them after they get dropped into the tub but immediately after taking a bath with them I’m sat there in a towel scrubbing the tub to get rid of all of the glitter or staining. Same goes with some of their shower cremes. My body gets stained from those as well.
  • Their prices are a bit overpriced, sure they are handmade but $12 for a bath bomb is insane. Same with a small bar of soap costing $10, I can get a cheaper option at Target that’s also cruelty free. Sure it’s not the same experience but at this point I could go into say a Target and not feel like I’m being stalked, so I would rather do that option. Some of their shampoo is $20, again I can find cheaper better cruelty free and natural options elsewhere. I get ingredients might go up and inflation, but still there are more brands on the market that have similar products for far less.

I could go on but I think those are the main things. Everything else just adds up to why I’m not really in love with their brand or products anymore. What do you guys think of Lush?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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  1. March 1, 2019 / 2:10 PM

    I love Lush bath bombs but for me they’re a treat, not an everyday essential. They’re ridiculously expensive!

    • Mae Polzine
      March 1, 2019 / 2:52 PM

      100% agree, it’s a nice treat but not something needed.
      ♥ Mae

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