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Why I Don’t Really Purchase From Lush Anymore


This has nothing to do against Lush when it comes to the things they do from fighting animal cruelty and charities to better the environment. I used to LOVE Lush and got products from them often through my roommate who used to work there. I’ve done a lot of posts about their products in the past but I haven’t really gotten anything for the last year. I did get some for Christmas but other than that everything from them is around three years old. So I thought I would just discuss why I don’t figure them so much on my blog anymore.

These are the main reasons that ’caused me to fall out of love with Lush and just use up what I have left:

I could go on but I think those are the main things. Everything else just adds up to why I’m not really in love with their brand or products anymore. What do you guys think of Lush?

Love ya,

Mae Polzine

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