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Wonder Woman DC Comics Collab Body Paint


I enjoy body painting, it’s a chill hobby that I like to do at least once a week. I never really body paint with the goal of getting all the attention online. I just upload them to my Instagram because ‘Hey, I spent hours on this. It needs to be saved somewhere and someone might enjoy it too.’ So, when I got invited to join Mrs. Lovecraft’s DC collab, I was all for it. Joining a bunch of creators, many of whom I’m mutual stream friends with, who were going to all do a body paint theme together sounded like a lot of fun. I debated for a good while on which DC character I was going to do and decided that Wonder Woman would be a lot of fun.

Originally, I was going to stream this over on Twitch, but I wasn’t feeling the greatest over the weekend and my office gets way too hot with the ring light at the moment. So, I just did the body paint alone.

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Who is your favorite DC Comics Character?

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