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Year after year I see people come up with a “Word of the Year” and every year I can never think of one to make for the year. Mainly as my years never end how I imagine it would. Hell, every time I make a plan for myself, life has some type of way destroying it and pushing my life in some other direction. Or it seems like I’m going through a storm of some type in my life. On Christmas Eve, we went to our church and our pastor spoke on being resilient through everything God puts you through. As he put it, “If you are with God, you’re going to be put through hell and back so you need to be resilient to make it through.” And this word has stuck with me, so much so that I’m going to be making it the Word of the Year for 2018.


“Able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.”

When life or God or whatever you believe in throws everything to the side and it seems like everything is going against you, then you need to be resilient to get through it.

In my own life, for months and I mean months we’ve been sort staffed in the support center. Then our manager left and my back-up/fellow level 2 engineer walked out so I was more or less stuck as the only escalation point with lack of knowledge in numerous places. And it seemed like there was no light in sight. But I was resilient. And finally, finally the light has come. We got staff again to handle things, we hired staff to cover all the holes. And I got promoted to be the Lead to cover the hole of there being a sack of management in the support center. And if I wasn’t resilient through this “storm”, I don’t think any of that would’ve happened. Hell, I’m sure if I wasn’t every customer would be pissed off and packing their bags. But they aren’t, and we’re going to be just fine.

So sometimes to see progress, you have to buckle down and be resilient. And then you’ll see everything eventually come to pass. This goes for anything in your life. If you walk away, you won’t see it get better but that doesn’t mean you just sit back and hope it just happens. You still have to work for it while being resilient in order to get there. It’s called meeting life/God/whatever half way. You do everything you can possibly do, and the other will bring the piece you cannot.

So if you want to be a blogger, YouTuber, Streamer, or something else be resilient and you’ll eventually get there someday. It won’t be over night, it won’t be easy, but you can get there some day!

What’s your word of the year if you make one? And why, I’m really curious as to why that’s your word of the year?

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