Zodiac Inspired Outfit of the Day: Taurus

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I got this idea of doing Zodiac inspired outfits from Safiya Nygaard who did this on her YouTube. So I thought this would be a fun idea as well just comparing what several fashion bloggers claim would be the ideal Taurus outfit of the day then applying that to my wardrobe. I did try to wear only items I already owned for this as I don’t really have the space in my budget to go get a whole new outfit nor the space for it at the moment. If you don’t know what a zodiac is, it is the same as your horoscope which is based off when you were born. I was born on May 15th, so that makes me a Taurus. Though I typically don’t agree with everything that people state are “Taurus” things, as they don’t fit in with me. But there aren’t twelve types of people in the world. So take all of this with a grain of salt. So what do the experts say is my ideal fashion sense?

According to College Fashion, they describe our looks as:

  • Taurus girls love to wear classic, well-made clothing with unique detailing.
  • Tauruses love high-quality and expensive clothes, but are are willing to wait until a great bargain comes around before they buy anything.
  • The Bull rules over the throat and neck, so girls under this sign love highlighting this area with scarves and necklaces.

Stitch Fix described Taurus fashion sense as:

  • Goes for clothes that are comfortable & fashion-forward
  • Fan of form & function
  • Not afraid to make a statement

Instyle described Taurus fashion as:

  • You’re committed to investment dressing.
  • Classic pieces in neutral tones and interesting textures make up the bulk of your wardrobe.
  • For added sparkle you choose necklaces made of gold or gemstones.

According to Stylish Circle, Taurus fashion is:

  • You will always see a Taurus touching the fabrics before buying anything, because of the texture attraction and the importance they give to quality.
  • Fine cotton, soft silk, velvet and cashmere will draw their attention.
  • This zodiac sign will surely splurge on high quality, designer items that are also timeless pieces rather than having a wardrobe full of clothes that will be out of fashion in the next season.
  • Emerald green is the color to go for, if you are a Taurus.

And the last site I went to for a description of Taurus fashion was Her Campus. Their description was:

  • If you’re a Taurus, I’m willing to bet you love comfortable classics.
  • Find a great fitting pair of jeans, a comfy sweater in a warm color, comfortable, flat moccasins and a canvas backpack.
  • Add a bright, long necklace to add some color.
  • Wear your hair half up like celebrity Taurus, Amber Tamblyn.
  • Use browns and plums on your eyes, a tinted moisturizer and a plum lipstick.

So taking all of this into consideration when digging through my wardrobe I took these pieces out of all the descriptions to create my look:

  • Brown/neutral eye look with an oxblood red (yes it’s not plum but I don’t have straight plum lipstick) lipstick.
  • A statement necklace I got several years ago from Target that’s white and gold.
  • As it is winter, I went with a pair of jeans and a red sweater with a cotton white tank top underneath.
  • Half up hair-do as Her Campus recommended.
  • And since I don’t have moccasins as that was the only recommended shoe, I went with a black pair of boots that I love wearing in the winter time.

So overall I would say this outfit is very “Taurus” as it’s a comfortable classic with a pop of bling around the neck. I took the photos for this post after ten to twelve hours of being at work and applying my lipstick twice. One in the morning and once after lunch. About half-way through taking photos, both dogs decided to lick off a large portion of my makeup. And yes I caught it on photo because I was trying to get a photo of my makeup and hair when they both came up one after the other and started licking me. I know it’s hard to tell but my hair is also a different color now. I removed the fashion merlot red and changed it to an auburn with the goal to eventually get back to a blonde. But had to go auburn first as otherwise I was Barbie Pink, and I couldn’t live with that. Not for several months before it fades. So auburn for the time being. But anyways… as good of an idea to redoing my makeup sounded, I thought it was way more realist to just leave it as it was. Because that’s life. Not everything goes as you planned. Sometimes when you’re sitting on the floor taking photos immediately after getting home from work, your dogs come up to you and lick off any remaining makeup you may have had on. I was debating on just scraping this post and redoing the Outfit of the Day, but this is the first “real” outfit of the day I’ve done so I wanted to leave it as is. Dog removed makeup and all.

If you are wondering what I am wearing in this post, most of these items I got long ago so I couldn’t find the exact items online but I did find some that were similar in chance you wanted them. As well as the products I used to create this makeup look granted the dogs removed most of it. And I forgot to set the rest of the face this morning so all of the base stuff faded away. But I’ll leave what I generally use in the “Shop The Post” section in case you wanted to create the look I had gone for though it’s all vanished in the photos.Would you dress like your zodiac/horoscope sign for a day? If so, what’s your sign and how would you pull that off? Also if you would like more Outfit of the Day type posts let me know and I can try to do them.

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