What Are Weekly Updates

This is the first weekly update that I'm posting for the Bugsy exclusive members. Every week I'm going to write a separate post that is exclusive for those subscribed to my newsletter. In these posts they are going to be way more personal than the ones in the main blog. Just in that I'm going to share more about things behind the scenes, projects that I'm working on, and other personal things that just might not come up in the main posts. I don't know, I'm still trying to figure that out. But the main goal of these weekly updates is to be more connected with you guys on a personal level.

So why the exclusive Section/Newsletter?

I want to connect more with my Bugsy members. The newsletter is a quick way to send out a quick update but for more in depth/exclusive things I wanted to keep that on maepolzine.com. There are also going to be exclusive giveaways on this section of the site because why not? A lot of things in the main blog are not something I can afford to do giveaways on but random ones over here I can definitely do.

Plus I can ask things that don't really fit into the main section of the blog. I know some people do this type of thing through Patereon as people who support get access to different things through the tiers they belong in. I may do that one day, but I also just want something for those that support me through subscribing to my newsletter. So in a way that makes it exclusive... unless it shows up on Google or someone gets the link to this section since I can't really lock it all down. But oh well, welcome to the Bugsy Family since you figured out the loophole.

If you would love to see any topic discussed or talked about just let me know in the comments and I'll talk about it in the next day's post. Or if there is anything you would love to see in a main post let me know that as well!

Mae Polzine

I'm a Minnesotan blogger that loves all things cruelty-free, simple living, and video games.

I write for two blogs: Mae Polzine which is my lifestyle/beauty blog, and Rose & Mae which is a nerdy blog on topics from video games to comic books to movies.

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