What to Expect for Monthly Freebies


I wanted to give back to you guys for subscribing to my newsletter as I know that we get a lot of emails in our inbox every day from various companies so signing up to get one more can seem like a lot. So I wanted to give something back to you guys for subscribing! So every month I'm going to be giving you guys a freebie which can be anything from:

  • Artwork.
  • Coloring pages designed by me.
  • Photo packs (via discount code to items in MP Shop). Which I'll also give you a heads up about in the newsletters. But if you lose your email amongst the clutter, this is your place to re-find them.
  • Wallpapers.
  • And More... Give me your ideas!

If there is any other kind of item you would love to see included in this list. Let me know in the comments on this post and I can look into adding it!

Mae Polzine

I'm a Minnesotan blogger that loves all things cruelty-free, simple living, and video games.

I write for two blogs: Mae Polzine which is my lifestyle/beauty blog, and Rose & Mae which is a nerdy blog on topics from video games to comic books to movies.

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