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Welcome to Esharia

Realms of Esharia

  • Myllume: Shifter kingdom led by the Golliarn family.
  • Thalore: Birth realm of all immortals once ruled by the Thornheart family that was destroyed by a rift then cursed by the God of Life, so anyone crossing the border is killed immediately upon entry.
  • Wofyre: Fae kingdom led by Azrael and Sariah Darkmore.
  • Raveria: Immortal Kingdom led by the Darkmore family and favored by the God of Death.
  • Eskar: Immortal jungle island and floating island nation, lead by dragon shifters.
  • Chaile: Immortal realm in the southern mountains.
  • Aclua: Immortal realm in the southern deserts.
  • Mortal Realms: Located to the East. The exact number of realms is not known as the number is constantly changing due to war and mutiny, but they are given five representatives on the Esharian Council.

Meet the Characters

When Night Meets Life

Briar Thornheart’s home has been destroyed by demons. After she is separated from her sister she learns that there is prophecy many people would do anything to stop, including killing her. She must trust the only other person who might be able to help her, a prince of death and the other half of the prophecy.

But will that trust result in the very thing everyone else is terrified, or were they wrong in what the prophecy meant?

Where to Find:

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