Briar Thornheart

She is a descendant of the God of Life, Goddess of Night, and God of Illusion & Secrecy granting her abilities of all three to varying extents. This is only made possible due to cymar pairings occurring in her parents and grandparents. She was raised in a community that did not know about the rest of Esharia or the treaty that governs the world. And doesn’t become aware of the world beyond her fortress until a rift destroys everything she knows.

She watched her parents died when she was twelve, upon their death her powers became available which is way earlier than the typical Senmorti begins to gain access to their powers. After their death, Briar and her twin sister, Liliana, were forced to become guards of the fortress.

Briar, in addition to being Senmorti, is also Fae and shifter. She can shift into a black and white wolf, though her Fae and shifter heritage is blocked due to a curse the gods placed on her. The only way to release her from the curse is to stab her in the heart with the dagger or sword she got from her father.

Most of her family’s knowledge has been lost due to a curse placed on them by Sherus, the God of Illusion and Secrecy. Anyone who tries to recall the family becomes confused or only remembers minor details.

Briar is twenty years old with a birthday falling on the fifteenth day of the Rainy Season.

She has a guardian named Liam that she met the day of the rift that destroyed her home. They did not form the bond until later.

Her Senmorti mark extends from the tip of her finger to the elbow on her left arm. It is black with silver specks of stars, some larger than others, including an eight-sided star and several moon phases in various places where the night peeked out from the other designs. Over that were thorny vines and an array of gold roses.

Her nicknames are Bry, Shortie, Lany, and B. Though she is not a huge fan of Shortie at first because she perceives it as a comment on her height, she eventually grows to tolerate it. 

Kieran and Briar are cymar, meaning they are soul mates. However, they have not completed the trials that make this official. Though their marks have begun to change to match each other’s.


  • Gavril Thornheart: Father, son of the God of Life, cymar of Leila
  • Leila Thornheart: Mother, cymar of Gavril
  • Liliana Thornheart: Twin Sister
  • Basilius Thornheart: Uncle, King of Thalore, son of the God of Life

Briar’s powers are as followed:

  • Heal: She can only heal herself without leaving any trace of the injury.
  • Starlight: Ability to manipulate starlight, typically creating orbs of light or beams of light that can destroy demons.
  • Shadow Walking: Ability to blend into shadows then reappear in other locations. Typically, the other location needs to be in her line of sight, though if she can clearly picture a location, she can go further depending on how much power she currently has.
  • Illusions/Glamours: Ability to create realistic illusions or manipulate perceptions of others.

Physical Description:

  • Hair Color: Caramel
  • Eye Color: Emerald green
  • Skin Color: Pale
  • Has three piercings in each ear and a nose piercing in her right nostril.
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