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Kieran Darkmore


The King of Raveria, youngest son of the God of Death.

Kieran is twenty-five years old with a birthday falling on the twentieth day of the Dark Season.

As he is Senmorti, he has a guardian named Rolf that he has known since childhood. The bond was forced on them by Kieran’s father when they were three years old. Though the two would have naturally done it in the future if they had been given the choice.

Due to being Senmorti, his right arm is completely black though it looks almost translucent in places to reveal his bones that glow a faint blue hue and what appears like tiny speckles of blue stars in the black. Since he is a direct descendant of a god, the mark reaches from his fingertips to his shoulder and a small portion of his upper chest.

Kieran is also part shifter, which allows him to transform into a raven and wolf; however, both of those forms keep the appearance of his God mark, so a skull appears on his mask like a mask though if you were to touch it, you would only feel fur or feathers depending on the form.

His nicknames are Kier and Rex Mors, which means King Death. Though he does not like to go by the latter, even though he gives out part of the name (Rex) to Briar when they first meet.  

 Kieran and Briar are cymar, meaning they are soul mates. However, they have not completed the trials that make this official. Though their marks have begun to change to match each other’s.


  • Arawn: God of Death, Father
  • Makaria Darkmore: Queen of Raveria, Mother
  • Azrael Whitmourn: King of Wofyre, Older Brother
  • Sariah Whitmourn: Queen of Wofyre, Sister-in-law
  • Finnick Whitmourn: King of Wofyre, Brother-in-law

 Kieran’s powers are as followed:

  • Soul Seer: Ability to see souls.
  • Reanimation: Ability to reanimate corpses and control them for short periods of time.
  • Death Touch: Ability to cause individuals to decay/die slowly by using rot or sucking the life force out of the individual/creature though he does not have to directly touch them in order to do this.
  • Death Sight: Ability to watch the final moments of someone’s life before they die through touching their corpse.
  • Shapeshifting: Ability to change into animals such as a massive black wolf or raven with a skull face.

 Physical Description:

  • Hair Color: Dark blond almost brown.
  • Eye Color: Deep sapphire.
  • Skin Color: Tan.
  • Often has a short beard or five o’ clock shadow.
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