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Liam Sterre


Guardian of Briar Thornheart. They did not meet until a rift that destroyed the fortress where Briar was living, and he was spying on an individual who went there shortly before the incident.

Liam is a shifter that can take the form of a massive white wolf. Liam grew up with Kieran Darkmore and Rolf Atkinson after his family moved from Myllume to Raveria. He became mates with Rolf when they were teenagers, though it was suspected by many as the pair were growing up that they would end up together.

He is often referred to as bastard as he frequently gets on people’s nerves with his antics. Kieran also refers to him as the stray member of his court, considering Liam did not have an official position though he assists wherever he can. Kieran tried for years to give Liam a title and role within his court, but Liam never accepted as he felt there was something out there waiting for him.

Liam is twenty-six years old and was born on the eighty-third day of the Harvest Season.  

Physical Description:

  • Hair Color: Blond.
  • Eye Color: Arctic blue.
  • Skin Color: Pale.
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