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Rolf Atkinson


Guardian of Kieran Darkmore. The bond was forced on them by Kieran’s father when they were three years old. Though the two would have naturally done it in the future if they had been given the choice.

Rolf is a shifter that can take the form of a massive black wolf.

Rolf has been mated with Liam Sterre since they were teenagers. Though many suspected they would end up as mates while they were growing up due to the amount of time they spent together and how close they were.

Rolf is twenty-five years old and was born on the eighth day of the Dry Season.

His family was a part of Queen Makaria Darkmore’s court, though there was some tension between the families after Arawn forced Kieran and Rolf’s bond. They were one of the few members spared when Kieran killed all members of his mother’s court following Makaria’s murder. As they had not been involved in the plot, they were not killed and allowed to keep their titles and properties. Though they do not serve on Kieran’s inner court. 

Physical Description:

  • Hair Color: Black.
  • Eye Color: Gold.
  • Skin Color: Mocha, Dark Brown.
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