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A place for all fellow dog lovers to come and talk about anything related to our four-legged children. From what I feed the dogs to parks we love to visit. And just anything else about the pack. I love listening to how other dog parents handle different situations to random if not hilarious moments we share with them. Plus it gives me a place to share more about my little pack including my family’s dog and my own.

We do have an Instagram account for them if you wanted to follow: @polzinepack.

Pixie Bug
About Pixie Bug

Pixie Bug is my little anxious ball of sunshine. She was born on July 21, 2013 and we picked her up from a foster home in Fairbault, MN on October 2, 2013. When we adopted her, we were informed her mother is a corgi and had been rescued from an abandoned railroad car somewhere in Kentucky when she was pregnant. We were actually going to adopt one of Pixie’s siblings but my mom came back with her instead as her fur was softer.

Bug also has a food allergy to rice so she has to be on a strict grain free diet. Bugsy also is the destroyer of any soft or fluffy toy. She is also terrified by any loud noise, storms, and most men. And anxiety vests don’t do anything for her, you basically just need to let her go find a corner to hide in and you’ll see her come back several hours after the rain ends. As mentioned below in her favorite activities, she is a picky eater and will flip over her bowl if she’s not in the mood to eat her meal. She’ll happily skip meals for three days even when we try to get her to eat, and typically on that third day we’ll add cheese or water to the dish to convince her to eat. And then we’re good for several days. Pixie absolutely loves going to dog parks but if we bring along her whip-it all dogs are invisible to her and chasing the tennis ball is the only thing that matters. If I don’t bring it with, she’ll hang out and play with the other dogs. Unless they are rough-housing then she’ll hide behind me… kind of like me in any human social event.

We used to believe she was either a Jack Russell or rat terrier mix of some type. Some even believe she might be part whippet since she has insanely long legs. But I have since gotten her breed checked using Embark Vet. The results were: 19.9% Australian Cattle Dog, 15.7% Chow Chow, 10.3% American Pit Bull Terrier, 9.4% American Eskimo Dog, 9.1% Beagle, 8.6% Rat Terrier, 5.7% Labrador Retriever, and 21.3% Supermutt. Honestly, I was very shocked by the results, but it does explain her personality and energy levels. Which come from the Australian Cattle Dog and Chow Chow respectfully. I’m wondering which one contributed to her near water restraint fur. Like it just runs straight off her. She dries almost instantly.

  • Breed: Supermutt.
  • Favorite Activities: swimming, fetching, hiding under the bed, and flipping her food bowl over instead of eating.
  • Favorite Toys: Lambchop (granted she destroys them often), a blue plastic cupcake, and a green kong ring.
  • Nicknames: Pix Bix, Bug, Bugsy, Brutus, Scaredy, Pix, Bug-gert, Buggers, Baby Bug, Bugsby… just to name a few.

Winnie Bear
About Winnie Bear

Winnie Bear is the family dog, who my mom and sister got not even a month after I moved out the first time as they couldn’t be part from a dog for more than two days as Pixie was only living with me on weekends at the time. Like Pixie, they weren’t originally going to get her instead they were going to adopt her 10 month old puppy but couldn’t as she was adopted out five minutes before we arrived. So instead, we looked at Winnie and fell in love with her the second she sat on my mom’s lap and gave her a massive hug. It was safe to say she melted her way into our hearts and we adopted her on June 25, 2016. We do not know her exact age but guess she is around the same age as Pixie Bug. We also don’t know much of her past other than she’s terrified of other dogs, and it took several months for her just to get over Pixie coming for visits. Now they are best friends and love to play king of the bed. All we know about her past is Winnie was dropped off when she was pregnant in Arkansas and after having babies, she was spayed and had to get a blood transfusion shortly after the surgery. We suspect something else happened to her at some point as she has a notch in her left ear, scars all over her face, terrified of dogs, and you have to play really gently or she will go into attack mode.

  • Breed: Beagle mix (unknown).
  • Favorite Activities: cuddling with my mom, sleeping, playing with plush toys, and taking the covers off of your bed to create a fort.
  • Favorite Toys: Stuffed Eeyore and pig.
  • Nicknames: Win Bin, Bear, Scarface, Notch, Pooh Bear, Winnie the Pooh, Gumby, Wiggles, Wiggle Butt… just to name a few.

The Basics

  1. What do we feed them? Purina ONE® +Plus Vibrant Maturity® Adult 7+ Formula Dry Dog Food
  2. What treats do we give them? Grain Free Greenies and Milk Bones.
  3. Where did we get their ID tags? We got their license band ID tags on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2JRXlHE
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