National Cupcake Day at Nadia Cakes

So one of my favorite desserts in the world are cupcakes right behind cheesecake. In Maple Grove, MN there is a shop called Nadia Cakes that won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. For national cupcake day, they did two days of $2 cupcakes. And it was unlimited number of cupcakes for $2 each.

The interior of the cake/cupcake shop is super cute and reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s with the pink couch with teal pillows and the golden frames above it.

Besides the cupcakes, they do have other gourmet items available. But these were not included in the $2 cupcake events for the day. I really love the cakes on the top row. However, I do not need more sweets all to myself.

I got six cupcakes in total: 2 vanilla vanillas cupcakes, 2 award winning triple berry cheesecake cupcakes, 1 red velvet cupcakes, and 1 birthday cupcake. I really enjoy these favors and I appreciate that the store has different flavors every day. But these six cupcakes should last me a while.


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