Hey Howl Pack

It’s Mae Polzine! I started this blog back in 2015 to be a place where I could be creative and share things that I love. So, I post a variety of things. Similarly, I stream a variety of things (gaming, body paint, art, etc.) on Twitch┬áthree times a week, with some stream highlights and all VODs posted on my YouTube Channel.

Lastly, join our Discord to chat with other pack members. We have a great and supportive community over there. I love talking with everyone in Discord as it’s a great way to connect. Also, I offer Twitch emotes, sub badges, and moreover on my shop page as well as my own merch.

Favorite Winter Activities

Fall and Winter are my favorite time of year. Fall has is my favorite as far as weather, but winter is where all my favorite activities are. In Winter, there are two sports or activities that I absolutely love doing. Weirdly enough I’ve been doing them for years but I don’t really have any pictures of me actually doing either of the events. Those are ice skating and snowboarding. Ice Skating/Hockey When I was ten…

12 Days of Christmas

One thing my Pastor has been teaching this holiday season, is it’s not what’s in the present that matters but how you give the gift. Now I’ve mentioned in my Life Lately post a few days ago that my mom is having a kind of rough year dealing with her job and financial stuff due to my father/her ex-husband. So my sister and I wanted to make the holidays something she could look forward to…


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Peppermint Hot Chocolate

One of my go-to drinks during Christmas is peppermint in my hot chocolate. I start out with putting the hot chocolate mix in milk then heating it up. Afterwards I place in marshmallows and whip cream. Then stick a candy cane in the side and some crushed up bits on the top. It’s my absolute favorite! What is your go-to holiday drink?

Life Lately | December 2015

Hi everybody, Life has been interesting lately and I thought I would take a day break in Christmas/holiday/seasonal posts to talk about what’s been going on. I do hope that you have been enjoying blogmas. I think I may try to keep up the almost daily posts when it’s over as I’ve enjoyed it that much. If not, I’ll definitely be doing posts every Tuesday and Thursday.  Let me know what you guys think, as…

Smells Like Christmas

I love candles and the fact that I have a lot of Christmas candles makes me insanely happy. This year I realized I have a lot from Yankee Candle. Some of the scents that I have are: Red Apple Wreath, Sparkling Cinnamon, Mistletoe, Christmas Cookie, Balsam & Cedar, Gingerbread Maple, Vanilla Toddy, and Sugar Plum. And I love mix and matching these as every time it makes me happy and relaxed. What Christmas or holiday…

Christmas Baths

In the winter, I find myself wanting a nice warm bath at night. But you can’t just have a bath by itself when you want to relax. So this Christmas season, I’m putting bubble bath soap from Bath and Body Works into the tub and candles off on the side. I am using a mixture of candles to create the perfect and most relaxing smell. I’m only showing on either music or Netflix to enjoy…